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Think you need a world-class studio to create
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With our video cheat sheets, you’ll discover what it takes to create A-list videos anywhere, anytime. In this bundle, you’ll get: The Drift Video Framework, The Anatomy of an Effective Sales Video, and 6 Steps to Successful Remote Videos.
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5 Ways to Use Drift Video to Accelerate Revenue

#1 Drift Video for Post-Event Follow-Up

Record a post-event video that touches on a relevant topic, then closes out with a CTA.

#2 Drift Video for LinkedIn Connections

Lose the generic LinkedIn connection messages and start using videos to spark conversations.

#3 Drift Video for Creative Introductions

Want to break through the noise? Use creative introductions to delight buyers.

#4 Drift Video for Personalized Demos

Create personalized demo experiences catered to your potential buyers.

#5 Drift Video for AE to CSM Hand-Offs

Have account managers and CSMs record quick introduction videos during sales to CS hand-offs.

Use Drift Video on the Sales Channels That Matter

Use Video to Drive Conversations with Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

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Get More from Your Remote 
Meetings with Video + Zoom

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Turn Wordy Emails into Short Videos People Actually Engage With

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Do It All with Drift Video

Using Drift Video, sales can easily record and share videos and GIFs, track views, and chat live with their audience. With Drift Video your sales team can:
  • Record themselves and their screen (or both!) and ship to prospects
  • Get notified when someone is watching their video and chat with them instantly
  • Use an AI-powered video bot to book meetings with viewers 24/7
  • Create personalized GIFs to drop in emails, LinkedIn messages, and more to help break the ice
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Customers Love Drift Video

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