VIP Experience
You Deserve
at SaaStr

Drift van at saastr
It’s a week out of the office. A week on the road. A week away from your friends and family, and multiple nights in a hotel room. And that’s on top of the long flights, late nights, and days filled with back-to-back meetings customers, prospects, investors, and advisors. It’s a lot. So instead of getting a booth at SaaStr Annual this year, we wanted to do something different and give you the VIP experience you deserve.

Staying out of town or need a ride from
 San Francisco to San Jose? No problem. We can take you.


Want a ride to and from your hotel everyday? Forget waiting for the train, bus, or in a line for an Uber/Lyft. We’ll pick you up and drop you off on-demand.


Need to take an important phone call? Come on in. We’ll be parked right out front all day. Come in and out of the van anytime
 you want.


Want to wow a potential customer? You can use the van to go pick them up – or as a quiet place to hold a meeting.


Don’t actually have a call or a meeting? That’s OK. Sometimes you just need to get away for a minute. The van makes a great place to hide out, use the WiFi, charge your phone, have a snack, whatever. It’s yours.


Want to meet some of the movers and shakers in town at SaaStr? You’ll be in exclusive company on the van.

Whether you want to ride in style, or just take a break, we’ve got your back at SaaStr Annual

On-Demand &
 At Your Service

We’ll share a private phone number for you to text for on-demand access to the van for rides and access when you need it.

Hop On & 
Off All Day

The Drift Van will be parked right outside of the San Jose Convention Center each day of SaaStr so you can hop on and off all day as needed.

Grab A Snack & Charge Up

We’ll keep the van stocked with everything you need including water, phone chargers, healthy snacks, gum/mints, and we’ll make frequent coffee runs to keep you fueled for the day.

Drift van at saastr

Get the VIP Experience. Reserve A Spot on The Drift Van.

Space is extremely limited.
 Apply today before spots fill up.

Reserve your spot

After applying, we’ll reach out to let you know if you’ve secured a spot (and ask a few questions so we can deliver a great experience tailored to you).