Here’s why you need Drift Audiences

Know Where to Take Action to Drive More Pipeline

See exactly who is coming to your website. Drift automatically builds audiences using the data from your tech stack — including Marketo, Salesforce, and 6sense — so you can send real-time, personalized messages that convert visitors to revenue.

Increase the ROI of All Your Marketing Channels.

Optimize your website to convert more site traffic. Drift Audiences will tell you which site visitors are coming from a specific campaign or channel so you can deliver hyper-targeted experiences to get more out of your marketing spend.


Deliver a VIP-Level Experience for Your Target Accounts.

Give your target accounts the white glove treatment. Drift Audiences connects your highest-value accounts to their dedicated sales rep in real-time with a personalized message the second they land on your site.


Use Cases

Capture and Convert More Leads from Your Homepage

Choose the homepage audience
Select the homepage playbook type
Hit publish and watch the leads roll in

Increase the ROI from Your Marketing Campaigns

Choose an audience from an email marketing campaign
Select the content offer playbook type
Add in your offer and hit publish

Give Your VIPs the White Glove Treatment

Choose the target accounts audience from Salesforce
Select the ABM playbook type
Greet your target accounts with a message from their dedicated rep

Break down your data silos and unlock new revenue.

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Making it easy and helpful when engaging with Bottomline is one of our guideposts in our sales and marketing efforts and Drift helps us accelerate those meaningful conversations much earlier in the process.”
Christine Nurnberger
CMO, Bottomline Technologies

Drift Audiences is built into Drift Chat.

Drift Audiences is included in our Enterprise plan.

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What is Drift Intel?

Drift Intel is a capability of Drift Chat that will instantly recognize your high-value target accounts when they visit your website using reverse IP lookup. It’s powered by data providers such as 6sense, Clearbit, Demandbase, and more.

Drift Intel is included in the Drift Premium and Enterprise plans.

Join thousands of Drift customers that engage their top accounts

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