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Microsoft Dynamics

With Drift’s two-way integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll easily maintain a single source of truth for CRM data, take action when buyers are on your site, and build pipeline faster.

About Microsoft Dynamics

With intelligent business applications across CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives you choice. Start with just what you need to run your business—and delight your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics and Drift

Drift’s native, two-way integration with Dynamics 365 sets you up to personalize Drift chat messages that engage buyers, while automatically recording new leads, contacts, and conversations in the tools you already know and love. When buyers interact with the Drift bot, any new leads and contacts will automatically go into Dynamics 365, keeping your CRM fresh. We’ll even include the chat record so reps can use contextual details in future sales activities.

With data flowing back into Drift from Dynamics 365, you’ll be able to greet known buyers by name when they arrive on your site – improving both engagement and pipeline. Marketers will be able to trust that Dynamics 365 has the latest contacts and leads from Drift to use in campaigns, while reps will spend more time selling and less time maintaining information.

When an ABM target account or opportunity lands on your website, you can fast-track the buyer to be routed to the right sales rep who owns the opportunity.

Use Cases

Streamline lead and contact capture
Drift-generated leads and contacts can feed automatically into Dynamics 365 so that your sales and marketing teams can follow-up to close deals. The owner can be set based on which rep booked the meeting, last ended the conversation, or first participated. By default, Drift checks for existing contacts and leads.
Sync a record of chat activity to Dynamics
We know that conversations with your buyers contain valuable context you’ll want save for later. Drift helps you organize conversations in the CRM so that your team can follow up. When a lead or contact has a conversation in Drift, we’ll add a task to their Dynamics 365 record and append the full chat transcript.
Report on Drift chat activity
View data from Drift in Dynamics 365 to see an aggregate view of all chat activity, including the associated leads and contacts. Drill down further by filtering by details such as task owner, rep, or time stamp.
Coming soon: Nurture customers with a personalized experience
Drift’s Dynamics 365 native integration lets you personalize the customer experience across every stage of the customer journey. When a contact from a target account lands on your website, the Drift bot can greet them with a personalized message from the account or opportunity owner to automate nurturing.
Coming soon: Fast-track buyers to the right rep
Streamline your ABM strategy by fast-tracking VIP contacts and opportunities to the right sales rep or opportunity owner with Opportunity Routing to close deals faster. Flex Routing allows you to set-up routing and syncing on any custom object so that you can control which rep contacts and opportunities are routed to.
Coming soon: Report on Drift's pipeline influence
Report on how Drift conversations impact your pipeline and bottom line in Dynamics 365. You’ll see the dollar value and even which conversation influenced a deal.

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