The next generation of marketing technology is here.

With the launch of Drift 2.0, we’re bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to the most important part of your business: the relationships you have with your customers.

We’re rolling this out to customers now, and you can join the nearly 4,000 businesses using Drift by signing up for your free account today — and you will be one of the first businesses to get access to Drift 2.0.

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Now you can always get the right message to the right person.

Driftbot is able to understand all of the conversations your customers are having with your company, and help get the right message to the right person at the right time. With the help of machine learning, your business will be able to deliver a personal customer experience at scale — that means no more worrying about sales reps wasting time with support questions, or angry customers going unanswered for days.

Meet Driftbot

On your website and in your product.

Send Targeted Messages

Whether you want to target website visitors or customers inside of your product, Drift makes it easy for you to get your message to the right person, in the right place, at exactly the right time.

Capture Email Addresses

Get email addresses right inside of live chat so you can follow up and keep the conversation going. Perfect for when someone leaves your site — and for the night shift.

Drift Conversations In Slack

With Drift, you can talk to your website visitors in real-time without ever having to leave Slack. Drift also plugs into all of the tools you’re already using — from Slack to HubSpot to Segment, Zapier, WordPress and more — so you don’t have to change the way that you work.

Keep People On Your Website

Businesses that are using Drift are able to start conversations with anywhere between 7 and 20 percent of their website visitors, and that means once you get people to your site you can keep them there. You can’t say hello with a form — but you can say hello with Drift.

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