How Marketo Implemented Drift to Book More Meetings, Grow Their Pipeline and Close More Deals.

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⚡ Marketo's Existing Chat Wasn’t Qualifying Prospects Before Passing Them to Sales

The Marketo marketing team asked two critical questions:

  • How do we maximize the productivity of our existing sales team?
  • How do we get more business value from our current website without spending additional dollars on ads to increase traffic?

When the marketing team looked at how the sales team was utilizing their time, they discovered sales reps were wasting time interacting with unqualified prospects.

⚡ Why Does Drift Make Sense for Marketo?

  • Drift Chatbots and Drift Meetings gave Marketo the ability to qualify leads and let those leads instantly book a meeting on the sales rep’s calendar to learn more about Marketo.
  • Live Chat allowed Marketo to engage with their site visitors in real-time.
  • Drift ABM allowed Marketo to convert target account website visitors by greeting them with a personalized message and notifying their reps when they are live on the site.
  • Drift Intel allowed Marketo to build highly-targeted playbooks for both their known and unknown site visitors.

⚡ Marketo's Results Using Drift 📈

Just a year after choosing Drift, the Marketo team has seen their pipeline continue to grow with leads directly influenced by Drift.

Overall, Marketo has had 8,000+ conversations, generated 2,500+ conversation-qualified leads (CQLs, generated hundreds of opportunities, booked 15% more meetings, and increased their total pipeline by 10% with Drift.

Additionally, Drift ABM allows them to send personalized welcome messages to users and notifies reps when people from their accounts are live on the website. This enables timely outreach, increasing the probability that sales reps communicate with prospects at the perfect time.

✔️ 2,500+ chat qualified leads generated.

✔️ 15% increase in meetings booked.

✔️ 10% increase in total pipeline generated.

✔️ Hundreds of opportunities influenced.

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