Drift Helps You Start Conversations, Not Avoid Them

We know from working with thousands of sales and marketing teams that conversations are the fastest path to revenue. Intercom, however, was actually built to help you avoid conversations. That’s what support chat is supposed to do because it saves your company money. So if you’re hoping to accelerate your revenue, you need Drift.

Deep Two-Way Integrations

Because Drift is built for sales and marketing people, we understand the modern tech stack and built integrations that go beyond just syncing data. With Drift, you can use data from Salesforce, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua & Outreach to send personalized messages to people when they visit your website, whether they’re an open opportunity in Salesforce or coming to your website for the very first time.

Don’t Get Penalized For Success

Intercom’s pricing is set up to penalize you for growing: the more contacts you add, the more you pay them. Yikes. Our pricing is dead simple: you’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month and we won’t penalize you for actually doing your job to generate more revenue. We’ve got your back…go out there and engage your customers!

We did a comparison of our old forms versus the new bot and the numbers are just – they continue to blow me away to this day. Needless to say, SDRs and sales have really come to love Drift.”
— Joe Lagrutta, Marketing Ops & Sales at 15Five

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