Automate Chat on Your Website

Drift’s AI Chatbot is not only trained on the details of your business, but your sales process and lead qualification specifics too – which means it can both ask questions and answer them. It knows how to recognize great leads, and knows exactly the right next step to offer – meanwhile, your buyer is getting their questions answered any time of day or night.

Your Best BDR, Scaled Instantly

We help develop your bot to understand even the smallest details about your business and product, and to respond using language your best sales rep would use. So not only does every website visitor get the best experience, 24/7, but you can engage, qualify, and nurture leads at a scale that was previously impossible.

The Bot that Keeps Getting Smarter

Your AI Chatbot is built and trained by our team of experts – and the more you use it, the smarter it gets. It analyzes your previous and ongoing conversations to continually improve, and your dedicated Drift team keeps optimizing it every step of the way – so you get all the scale, with none of the work or resources.

The power of Drift Automation is that it’s like having our very best SDR active on the website all the time, answering virtually any question a prospect could ask.”
— Rob Stevenson, Director of Performance Marketing, Zenefits

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Start creating great buying experiences for your customers with automation.

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