Automatically qualify and book meetings with site visitors 24/7

Not everyone has the time to monitor live chat. But that’s okay, because Drift Chatbots have your back. They can book meetings with your most qualified leads when you’re not around.


Never miss a VIP buyer when they visit your website again

Give your VIP site visitors the meeting fastlane. You already know they are qualified and your sales team wants to talk to them. With Drift, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and let them instantly schedule a meeting.


Don’t make buyers wait – book meetings instantly

With Drift Meetings, SDRs can instantly book meetings for AEs after qualifying leads in live chat. That means your buyers never have to wait to schedule a meeting.


We think great conversations start with great people.

So we want to know…did you always love having conversations?

Start With Conversations

Learn How to Remove Friction in the Buying Journey⚡️

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1. The Conversational Sales Handbook

Transform buyers on your website into meetings and revenue using Conversational Sales

You can no longer expect buyers to move through your own self-serving sales process. Conversational sales is a new philosophy purpose built to serve the buyer.


2. The MQL is Dead

How Conversations Are Transforming The Marketing Funnel

No buyer or salesperson is really interested in MQLs. They’re just not. So here’s how to rethink the MQL.


3. The Measurable Lead Model

It’s time to stop asking what the funnel happened to your leads.

Good leads are the lifeblood for any growing business.Sales depends on them to close deals and drive revenue. It’s marketing’s job to generate leads and introduce them to the right people so sales can help them buy. But timing is everything.

Here's what customers ❤️ about Drift Meetings

*Numbers are based on pipeline associated with leads collected through Drift, as self-reported by Customers in Salesforce during the period from January 2018-April 2019

Celebrate Conversations with National Sales Meeting Day

Learn How to Remove Friction in the Buying Journey⚡️