Two Years. Countless Lessons Learned.

Marketers are used to change.

But the last two years have challenged us all in more ways than one. What has the last year taught us? What trends emerged during the global uncertainty and how will they impact the future of marketing?

We wanted to know. And over 100+ marketing leaders from across 25 industries answered. Here’s what they had to say, and what you can learn from them.

Who We Surveyed

100+ Marketing Leaders Across Disciplines
C-Suite /
VP Level
And Across Industries
25 Industries of Small, Medium & Enterprise Businesses
#1 Computer Software
Other industries include Advertising, Management Consulting, Manufacturing, and more

Marketing Through Uncertainty

There’s no more waiting for the “new normal.” It’s here.

We asked marketers to look back on the last two years and share the impact of COVID-19 on their company, team, and the role of marketing today.

Marketing Has Never Been More Important
How has the role of marketing changed during the pandemic at your company?
How & Where We Work is Changing
In what ways has COVID impacted your marketing day-to-day now?
Group 13
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Digital is Here to Stay
Top 5 Marketing Channels & Tactics
#1 Email Marketing
#2 Social Media
#3 Digital Advertising
#4 Virtual Events
#5 Webinars
Marketing Goals Shift. Innovation Grows.
In what ways did the pandemic impact your marketing strategy?

We focused on being who we are and what makes us unique – with a vengeance. It was a wake-up call for the entire team. What we loved about selling A/B testing software is being human and helping teams succeed in their optimization efforts.”

Information Technology
Show Customers You Know Them
Top Three Biggest Changes in Consumer Expectations
Speed to Reply

I think people (including myself) are feeling exhausted and burned out, and are looking for more meaningful interactions with brands they care about, and better ways of filtering out the noise they don't. Too many junk phone calls and texts and (often socially irresponsible) social media platforms spewing ads. It can make marketing a big turn-off, and I see a return to pre-digital relationship authenticity made easier with tracking tools and software.”

Marketing/Advertising Agency

The Modern Marketing Organization

In-house or outsource?

That’s a question a lot of marketing executives face when building out and scaling their teams.

Here’s how today’s marketing teams are approaching their in-house and outsourced talent.

5 Most Common In-House Marketing Functions
53% of leaders said content marketing will be the most important specialization to their team’s success over the next 5 years.
5 Most Commonly Outsourced Marketing Functions
10-20% of marketing’s budget is spent on outsourcing talent and specialties.
Straight from the experts
What advice would you give other leaders in your position on managing marketing talent and facing current challenges?

If your organization is talent deficient on either the sales or marketing side, it doesn't matter if you have the proper technology or strategy. You will struggle to reach your goals.”


I think people are our most valuable asset – the technology, the media dollars, the messaging, etc. all need the right people to make them work. Prioritize attracting, hiring, training, and mentoring the best possible talent you can and as a leader, make this your #1 focus all the time. Through them, you will be successful.”

Chief Marketing Officer
Computer Software

Set high expectations, provide support, and get out of the way.”

Computer Software

Develop analytical talent. Just about everything can be measured. It's all about the numbers and the ability to report, read, recommend paths, and show ROI – all based on key performance indicators.”

Management Consulting

People are still shell shocked from the events last year and the ongoing challenges. Double down on coaching and development where possible and create a safe space for the team to thrive.”

Director of Marketing
Computer Software

Now is the time to really focus on your best talent and ensure they have the tools and resources they need. There are too many options in the market right now and good people are in high demand.”


Provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities. Recognize accomplishments of all team members and work with those facing difficulties, and insist on collaboration for medium to large scale projects.”


Trust and collaboration are key. To truly collaborate, you must build trust in your people and their skills and let them guide you. And ask a million questions--this is nuanced work and the details matter.”

Human Resources
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Current Challenges Facing Marketing

Many of the challenges we faced a year ago are still being felt today. Talent, scalability, and pipeline generation are top of mind for many teams.

That said, a lack of insight into the customer journey is a growing issue for marketers. Especially as buyers expect more and more personalization in their buying experience. How marketers gather and action customer data, especially in the face of looming privacy policy updates, will greatly impact their ability to deliver the personalization buyers crave.

5 Top Challenges Facing Marketing Teams