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The Days Of Chasing Down Leads Are Over

Following up with people hours or days after they’ve filled out a form is like ignoring a person when they walked into your store — and then sending them postcards hoping they come back. But with Drift, you’ll be able to see who’s visiting your website in real-time so you can reach out instantly and say hello. See someone on your pricing page that you’ve been talking to recently? Send them a message in seconds right from Drift. Plus, you can even follow a lead and get a push notification every time they come back to your website.

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Send All Of Your New Leads To Salesforce

With Drift’s Salesforce integration, it’s easy for your sales and marketing teams to create and track leads from Drift in Salesforce. When a new conversation is started with Drift, we’ll create a brand new record in Salesforce for you — and if it’s someone you’ve already been talking to or an opportunity that’s already being worked, we’ll add the chat transcript for you so everyone is in the loop on your latest conversations.

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Give Each New Lead A Direct Line To You

Your potential customers expect to be able to access you directly every time they have a question during the the sales process. They don’t want to fill out a form or wait for hours to hear back — so that’s why we created Drift Profiles. A Drift Profile is like your digital business card, and people can use your profile link to contact you directly, book a meeting, schedule a demo, or just learn more about you personally.

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Meet Driftbot: Your Intelligent Sales Assistant

Imagine you could qualify every single person that came to your website without lifting a finger? Well now you can. Think of Driftbot like your sales assistant — working 24/7 for your sales team to qualify leads, book meetings, and close deals faster.

When a lead or someone from a target account visits your website and starts a conversation, Driftbot will hop in for you to help answer questions and route new leads round robin style to your sales team. Your sales team will be more efficient the second you put Drift on your website — and once you’ve used Driftbot, you won’t be able to imagine life without it.

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