Here are some of the most useful and innovative ways we see chatbots being used today.

Use Chatbots to Convert More Website Traffic

The average conversion rate on a website generally sits in the ~1% range. That’s a lot of work to do for a lot of wasted traffic! One of the most effective ways we see bots being used is to help nudge leads who might not have converted without chat over the hump. Sometimes a quick question or a proactive offer to help can be the difference between average conversion rates, and filling your pipeline full of qualified leads.

These are especially useful on high intent pages, like a pricing page. As you can imagine, here at Drift we create a lot of bots, so we have created two separate pricing page bots to optimize the pricing experience:

  1. First Touch Pricing – Appears when you first visit the pricing page
  2. Return Visit Pricing – Appears when you return to the pricing page

Use Chatbots to Generate More Qualified Leads

Traditional landing pages have been in a state of stagnation for what seems like an eternity. One effective and creative way we’ve seen our customers use bots is to embed a bot right in the same view as a .pdf once a lead has given their email.

What this allows you to do is to start a conversation at any point while they’re reading your latest e-book. It’s a great way to take advantage of all the effort you put into creating content.

Sigstr Conversational Content

Use Chatbots to Automate Business Processes

Many chatbot software applications out there do just one thing – chat. However, a true conversational marketing platform that fully integrates into & automates your existing business processes is exactly what we’re building here.

The reality is that it’s never enough to just have a conversation. Once the conversation is completed, there’s so many actions you can take to move the conversation further along. From scoring leads, to entering in conversation notes, to entering leads into a custom drip email sequence with one click.

Use Chatbots to Elevate Customer Service

Today it’s not enough to just generate more leads & sales. Today consumer expects an all-around great customer experience, and the impact of those experiences, good or bad, is felt most heavily in customer support. The reality is that consumer expectations are only getting faster, so many customer support teams have struggled to match the “Amazon” style expectations.

One way we see modern Support teams adapting is to use chatbots as the first line of defense. Below you can see the chatbot pull help articles directly from the help article database. If this article answers the person’s question, the conversation is over and you’ve saved yourself a support call. If more help is needed, the bot can automatically route the conversation to a person for a more personal touch.

Need more inspiration? We have an extensive library of chatbot examples here.

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