How Is Drift Different? Well For Starters, We're Late To The Party.

There are hundreds of live chat products out there from companies that have been doing this for years. We launched Drift’s live chat product in April. And whoa did we come late to the party… But sometimes, being late can actually be a good thing. And for us at Drift, being late means we’ve been able to talk to thousands of businesses about why live chat has traditionally only worked for support — not for sales and customer success. Being late also means that we’ve been able to learn from all of the frustrated people out there using existing live chat products — customers who had to deal with confusing pricing plans, and products that forced them to change the way they work every day. Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re always right (we still have plenty of things to learn on our end, too). But it does mean that when you signup for Drift, you can trust that we feel your pain — and that’s exactly why we’re here building a better way. Dave PS. Learn more about how Drift is different than the existing live chat products out there.

Dave Gerhardt

Dave leads marketing at Drift and is the co-host of Seeking Wisdom, a weekly podcast all about personal, professional and intellectual growth.