Pardot and Drift integration

Pardot Integration for Drift

With conversational marketing, B2B companies are capturing and qualifying leads faster than ever before—all while delivering an experience customers actually enjoy. Nobody wants to fill out a form so they can talk to someone later. They just want to talk to someone who can help them NOW.

We have integrated with Pardot, one of the world’s most popular B2B marketing automation platforms, so that every marketer can create delightful buying experiences regardless of what marketing automation system they use.

By connecting Pardot to Drift, you can automatically pass new contacts from Drift conversations into Pardot, sync contact lists from Pardot to Drift for conversational targeting, set lead owners in Drift, and map contact attributes from Drift conversations into Pardot to create one seamless buying experience.

Sync Contact Lists From Pardot Into Drift For Conversational Targeting

With Drift, Pardot marketers can sync their contact lists into Drift so that they can target those contacts for conversations. For instance, if you had a list of MQLs in Pardot, you could connect that list to Drift and automatically target those MQLs when they return to your site with the right message at the right time.

When you sync a list, you sync the Pardot contact cookie. This is what Drift uses to identify Pardot contacts when they return to your website. So even if they’ve never engaged with Drift before, Drift can still target the contacts in your lists.

Personalize conversations with Drift Pardot

Automatically Create Leads And Lead Owners In Pardot

If you’re having sales conversations in Drift, you’re generating new leads in Drift. You want those leads to go into your Pardot account before your CRM for scoring, attribution and other automation. We get that. So with this integration new leads from Drift will automatically pass into Pardot.

You can also filter out which leads make it into Pardot with CQL score and set a lead owner in Pardot based on Drift activity like who someone booked a meeting with.

Pass data from Drift to Pardot

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