Outreach and Drift integration

Outreach Integration for Drift

Outreach is the leading Sales Engagement Platform that optimizes every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle to accelerate growth. The platform manages all customer interactions across email, voice, and social, and leverages machine learning to guide reps to take the right actions.

By combining Outreach and Drift, you can now start Drift conversations directly from Outreach emails to book more meetings, shorten your sales cycle, and deliver the best buying experience for your potential customers.

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Great conversations are the most powerful way to drive conversion. To accomplish this, you must have a consistent customer journey, from calls and emails to your buyer's experience on your website. Now sales and marketing teams can share context from every touchpoint in the customer journey to drive stronger results wherever they communicate with their buyers.”

manny medina
CEO, Outreach

Drive Real-Time Conversations With All Of Your Outreach Emails

When prospects click any link in your Outreach emails, you will be notified the second they land on your site so you can jump straight into a conversation with them. If you’re not around, no problem—a bot can jump in and book a meeting for them.

Drift's outreach integration converts email clicks into chats

Automatically Follow Up With Prospects You Chat With In Drift

Now when you’re chatting with a prospect in Drift, you can immediately enroll them in an Outreach sequence from their contact record. That way, you’ll never forget to follow up.

screenshot of outreach sequences with the Drift integration

Get The Insights You Need to Close Deals Faster

That prospect you’ve been dying to get a hold of just booked a meeting with you through a Drift chat—yay! Now, you have Drift conversations right inside of Outreach’s Activity Feed so you can get the context you need before you jump on the call.

Screenshot of Drift conversations in Outreach's activity feed

What our customers are saying

To have Drift hooked up to Outreach is the holy grail.”

wesley baker

Sr. Manager of Demand Generation, Jitterbit

Drift’s integration with Outreach helped bridge a gap in my workflow, which enabled me to reach out to our customers instantly.”

marvin lagunsad

Business Development Representative, Procurify

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