LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Drift integration

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration for Drift

SDRs have one objective: Book meetings with high quality leads for their Account Executives. They only have one because it’s not easy. It takes a lot of touches to convert a lead into a meeting. They send emails, make phone calls, create videos, perhaps even send mail to get their lead’s attention.

And today’s best SDRs are having real-time conversations when the lead is on their website. But what happens if they leave the site before the SDR can book a meeting? Well, most SDRs will send a follow up email, but that alone won’t get them to their quota.

That’s why Drift is introducing chat with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Now SDRs can continue conversations on LinkedIn so they can keep in touch with their best leads.

As an SDR, my job is to 
have quality conversations 
with potential customers. That’s why Drift’s integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a game changer. Not only 
does it give me all the insights necessary to have more meaningful, purposeful conversations, it allows me 
to seamlessly follow-up 
after the fact.”

Cassie Porter
Sales Development Representative, BlueCore

Continue Website Conversations With LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sometimes people leave your conversation 
abruptly – it happens. But as an SDR, that’s a potential meeting walking out the door. So what 
do you do? Well now you can send a connection request or follow up message with InMail right 
from within Drift.

Book More Qualified Meetings By Keeping Your Best Leads Engaged

Once you’re connected, continue building a relationship with your potential buyers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Use chat, email and LinkedIn Sales Navigator to stay in touch so you can book 
more meetings.

Convert More Chat Leads By Personalizing Your Conversations

Drift chat with LinkedIn Sales Navigator will automatically provide LinkedIn profiles for the people you’re chatting with. You’ll be able to see who they are, what mutual connections you have and details about their company – all without leaving the conversation.

Want to learn how Drift’s 
LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration can book your sales team more meetings?

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