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Talk To Your Website Visitors And Customers In
Real-Time, Without Ever Leaving Slack

Now you never have to leave the app that you use the most to talk to your customers. Manage and respond to all of your live chat conversations right from Slack with Drift.

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Use Zapier To Connect Drift To 500+ Apps For Your Business

Zapier is like magic. In just one click, you can connect Drift to 500+ apps — which means that there’s an integration for just about any tool you’re using (and can think of).

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Get Your Customer Data In Drift In One Click

With our Segment integration, you’ll be able to get all of your customer data – and install Drift on your website – in just one click.

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Give Your Knowledge Base Some Super Powers

Once you’ve connected your help docs to Drift’s intelligent messaging, you can take it easy. When a customer writes in with a question that you’ve already written help docs for, Driftbot will automatically provide them with answers in real-time.

Learn more about our Knowledge Base integrations

Businesses spend so much time and effort driving people to their websites, but once they get them there, nothing happens. But with Drift, you can actually talk to those people while they're live on your site. That's the easiest way to fix your conversion problems.

All Of The Other Ways Drift Can Fit Into Your Workflow


Connect HubSpot to sync your new contacts with Drift.

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See your Drip data in Drift, and your Drift data in Drip.

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See what your customers see and give them they help they need.

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Install Drift on your Shopify store in one click.

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Install with 1-click / Connect to your Wordpress knowledge base

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Connect SendGrid to sync your new contacts with Drift.

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