Email is one of the best tools that we, as marketers, have to start conversations with our best leads.

But, how can you do that if your email isn’t even delivered in first place? How do you send targeted emails if your database is full of outdated and incorrect lead information?

Your data decays by as much as 30% every year as people change jobs. So as your bounce rate goes up, your sender score goes down until eventually…you’re blacklisted.

Well we want to help give your database a clean bill of health heading into 2020. Join Drift and ZoomInfo for the 5 steps you NEED to take every year for a healthy marketing database. We’ll make sure you leave this webinar knowing:

Our top 5 tactics to improve your database right now
How to enrich your existing lead data and replace inactive contacts
Tips for maintaining a CCPA compliant database


Kate Adams Drift
Kate Adams
VP of Marketing @ Drift
Patrick Purvis
Senior Vice President, Revenue @ ZoomInfo

5 Resolutions You Can Actually Keep to Build a Healthier Database in 2020