Sales is fast. Really fast. 

But buyers are faster. 

Nearly 50% of buyers expect a chatbot or live chat response within five seconds. One-in-three expects the same via phone or video call.

Keeping up with today’s buyers is a challenge for any hard-and-fast sales team. 

That’s why you have to make every selling second count. 

Join Drift, Outreach, ON24, and memoryBlue as they share expert advice on how to remove friction from the buying experience and accelerate revenue so you can hit your 2021 quota faster.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

How to remove unnecessary roadblocks in the buying process.
Sales strategies that provide clear objectives, contingency plans for alternatives outcomes, and relevant information to guide future customers.
How AI can remove repetitive processes that take time and resources away from sales.


Laura Adint
VP of Sales Ops @ Drift
Cassie Pless
Director of Corporate Sales @ Outreach
Molly Presby
VP of Global Buis Development @ ON24
Nimit Bhatt
Head of Sales @ memoryBlue

Swipe These Sales Strategies to Speed Up Sales Cycles & Exceed Your 2021 Revenue Goals