SO much of a customer’s journey is now digital.

Which means that we, as marketers, have to play an even bigger role in driving pipeline and business outcomes. It also means that we need to be fully aligned with the rest of the organization to become smarter in how we prioritize vital resources.

In order to be truly customer obsessed, your digital efforts need to start and end with the customer. So we’ve partnered up with experts at PTC, 6sense, and to show you how to build a Revenue Engine – a comprehensive, account-specific marketing and sales strategy from the ground up.

Join us live and in under an hour you’ll know how to:

Identify and prioritize target accounts showing Intent
Engage and connect with them through the right channels at the right time
Identify and replicate our ideal proven pathway to pipeline


Tricia Gellman
CMO @ Drift
Mariana Cogan
SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations @ PTC
Saima Rashid
VP, Field Analytics & Insights @ PTC

Unifying Your Sales and Marketing Teams With a Revenue Engine That Prints Money