Heard about Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales but don’t know what they are? We’ve got you covered.

Join us for a LIVE demo webinar during European friendly hours to learn how you can remove friction from the buying process and close deals faster.

Our lead solution consultant in London, George Bontea (that handsome fella in the photo) will highlight two use cases – inbound and outbound. Along the way, he’ll demonstrate how to accelerate revenue with our meeting scheduling, live chat, in-app messaging, email sequencing, and much more.

When all is said and done, you’ll learn:

How to qualify high-quality traffic on your website, instantly
Different ways to engage with website visitors and move them through your funnel
A breakdown of Drift’s products and how to set up a Drift chatbot playbook


George Bontea
Principal Solutions Consultant, Drift
Hurry! This webinar goes live in

Live Demo: Drive More Qualified Pipeline & Close Deals Faster