Despite what your prospects may think, marketers don’t send emails for fun.

We’re all nice people (don’t get me wrong), but at the end of the day – we send emails because they generate interest and intent for our solutions, and we really need to hit our funnel numbers.

Email’s also not going anywhere. It’s still one of the best channels for moving the right people down your funnel. That being said, there’s a lot marketers can do to improve the ROI of their email marketing programs.

It can be hard to design email workflows people will want to engage with, and forecast how many of those people will actually respond and move down your funnel.

Join Drift for this live virtual experience to learn:

How to design email workflows people will want to engage with
Accurate methods of forecasting the impact of your email marketing strategy throughout your funnel
How to drive and ultimately measure the ROI of your email marketing program


Kate Adams
VP of Marketing @ Drift
Lynn Tan
Sr. Marketing Operations Manager @ Drift

How to Build (And Measure) a High ROI Email Marketing Program