In marketing and sales, data is power.

But as we begin 2022, teams are finding themselves at a crossroads. Soon, new regulations will provide people more protection around how companies share and use buyer data.
For marketers, this means eventually saying goodbye to third-party cookies. Teams now need fresh ways to engage with buyers and customers — in real, meaningful conversations.
Join Jeremy Shafton, Principal Solutions Consultant at Drift, for Goodbye, Third-Party Data. Hello, Conversational Marketing to hear how marketers can succeed in a cookieless world.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

What the demise of third-party cookies mean for you
How to invest in a first-party data strategy to future-proof your personalization strategy
How Conversational Marketing can help you create better buying experiences and drive more ROI from your marketing


Jeremy Shafton
Principal Solutions Consultant at Drift

Goodbye, Third-Party Data. Hello, Conversational Marketing.