Any email marketer worth their salt will tell you that clickthroughs are the Holy Grail.

It’s hard enough to get a prospect to even open your email, let alone get them all the way through to your site.

But what if instead of clicks, conversations became the coveted currency of email marketers? Well now they are.

Join Drift’s Director of Product Marketing, Dan Murphy, for this live webinar as he explains how encouraging replies instead of clicks is the newest and best way of driving engagement from your marketing emails.

In only 45 minutes, you’ll learn:

How to make conversations the focal point of your email marketing strategy
How to manage and track email replies at scale
6 plays you can plug into your email strategy today to drive more engagement and ultimately, more conversions


Dan Murphy
Director of Product Marketing @ Drift

How Top Email Marketers Are Engaging More Buyers With Conversational Emails