98% of your website visitors are anonymous, so how can you discover their buying intent and ultimately convert them into revenue? Find out how companies like PointClickCare have solved this problem in this interactive webinar featuring Jared Fuller of Drift, John Walker of PointClickCare, and Lise Reddick of Lift AI.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

How to identify the 98% of anonymous visitors on your website using AI
How to convert those anonymous visitors into revenue through conversational marketing
How PointClickCare used Drift + Lift AI to 4x their conversions using this approach


Jared Fuller
Sr. Director, Partnerships @ Drift
John Walker
Director, Demand and Customer Lifecycle Marketing @ PointClickCare
Lise Reddick
VP of Products @ Lift.ai

How Drift + Lift AI Drives 4x Conversions