According to Gartner, B2B buyers only spend up to 17% of their time actually talking to sales. The majority of their time is instead spent conducting independent research online.

Now, the imperative for B2B sellers to enable their buyers has never been stronger. And in an age of information overload, sales teams must serve as knowledgeable guides to help their buyers navigate the increasingly complex buyer’s journey.

How can they do it? Join us to find out.

Register now for “The Digital Transformation of B2B Sales,” a webinar with Mark Kilens (VP of Content & Community at Drift), Josh Horstmann (Partner at SBI), and Matt Heinz (President of Heinz Marketing) where you’ll learn about:

The significance of the shift to digital transformation for B2B sales
The habits and best practices of today’s top sales leaders
The measurable impacts that can be achieved with Conversational Sales
The future outlook of Conversational Sales


Mark Kilens
VP Content and Community @ Drift
Matt Heinz
Matt Heinz
President of Heinz Marketing
Josh Horstmann
Partner at SBI

The Digital Transformation of B2B Sales