Marketers know artificial intelligence is the future. 

But ask them why and how they’ll use it…and you might see a few eyes glaze over. 

It’s time to lower the barrier of entry around AI and empower marketers to take control of their future. 

In this rapid-fire webinar, you’ll hear from powerhouse marketers at companies including PathFactory, Intellimize, RollWorks, and Highspot. With the help of these experts, you’ll learn how to leverage AI in marketing to action sales, accelerate revenue, and reduce costs.

Attend to discover:

How to attract, engage, and qualify demand leveraging AI
The impact AI has on marketing pipeline and budget
How to build conversational experiences that accelerate the buying process


Mark Kilens
VP of Content & Community @ Drift
Dan Ng
Executive Vice President of Innovation @ PathFactory
Randi Barshack
CMO @ RollWorks
Chris Newton
VP Marketing & Business Development @ Intellimize
Lucas Welch
VP of Corporate Marketing @ Highspot

AI for Marketing: What It Is, Why You Need It & What You'll Lose Without It