Buyers want to be treated like people, not acronyms. The good news is conversations are making B2B buying human again – and transforming the marketing and sales funnel. 

Learn how to use real-time engagement to accelerate your pipeline and get back to what matters – your customers.

Join Drift’s Sr. Director of Demand Generation, Charm Bianchini, and Director of Digital & Marketing Operations, Page Sands, for a webinar on July 19 and discover how to modernize your funnel with Conversational Marketing and data-driven insights.

Join this webinar to learn:

Why you need to re-think your marketing funnel
How to use data and insights to accelerate your future buyers through the funnel
How to attract, engage, and qualify demand with conversations


Charm Bianchini
Sr. Director of Demand Generation @ Drift
Page Sands
Director Digital & Marketing Operations @ Drift

Accelerate Pipeline Through the Power of Data & Conversations