Hate to sound like a broken record, BUT…marketing and sales still aren’t aligned (and the divide is further than ever before).

More and more, organizations are embracing ABM and chat to engage their top prospects.

The result? The lines between marketing and sales have started to blur and alignment has become increasingly important.

Join the experts from Drift, Madison Logic, and TOPO to learn:

How the fastest growing companies in the world are using account based marketing and chat to generate more revenue
How to create a best in class B2B buying experience
Bring your sales and marketing teams into perfect alignment


Drift Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens
VP of Content and Community @ Drift
Chris Moody
Senior Marketing Analyst @ TOPO
Amy Vosko
Director of Demand Generation and ABM @ Madison Logic

The Long Awaited Alignment:

Bringing Sales and Marketing Together Through ABM and Conversational Marketing