Hi all –

I’ve talked about trust here before. And I think it’s an important time to bring it up again.

Because now, more than ever, you’re not selling a product. You’re selling trust. 

I don’t always agree with what Gary Vee has to say, but I saw this clip (start around 1:21:33) the other day and immediately shared it with the Drift marketing team. He gives the example of Nike and Burger King. Nike doesn’t call you up and say “would you like to buy a pair of sneakers?” and Burger King doesn’t say “would you like a Big Mac?” No. They build a brand and then people want to buy their stuff. They build trust, and then people want to buy from them.

And that is the most important thing. You never want to have to ask for the sale. Your brand, your content and your product should breed trust and create demand.

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How are you doing that to win new customers right now?

– DC

P.S. Couldn’t make it to RevGrowth Virtual Summit? No sweat. We’ve got it all recorded and in Drift Insider for you to watch on your own time. You can access the sessions for the marketing track here and sales track here.

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