How are you?

It’s a question we used to ask our friends, neighbors and peers, without really looking for an answer. But I think you’ll agree that now, the answer matters.

That’s because, during times of crisis, there’s nothing more important than empathy and community.

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I’ve seen this first-hand in our marketing community and among my peers.

Particularly, I am grateful to Anthony Kennada, CMO at Front and Latane Conant, CMO of 6sense, as well as Marketers that Matter for hosting weekly conversations that bring marketing leaders together.

Many of these talks are focused on shifting priorities. In the spirit of sharing, here are the areas I and other CMOs see as critically important during this time:

  • Drive employee engagement and morale: Be the compass for your team through this uncertainty and ensure you lead with empathy, always.
  • Deliver superior customer experience: Every company should be ramping up resources, keeping lines of communication open and exercising empathy and generosity towards their customers.
  • Clean up sales messaging and enablement: This action item goes hand-in-hand with the one above. Review external messaging to ensure it isn’t tone-deaf. Invest more time in your sales and CS teams to make them successful, while also delivering more value for buyers and customers.
  • Set clear goals for the quarter: Understand how much bandwidth your team has during this time. Then get everyone aligned around goals that are still challenging, but not completely out of reach.
  • Keep innovating: It might sound crazy to launch new products and services right now. But people are looking for innovative ways to navigate through this uncertainty. That said, don’t let a possible lack of PR or fanfare hold your business back from releasing new products that can help people right now. Leave the ego out of it.

At Drift, we’re doing our best to take each of these points to heart.

We’ve been incredibly lucky to continue working remotely, and we’re not taking it for granted.

To ensure we keep the same “work hard, play hard” culture Drifters have come to love, we’ve increased the number of cultural activities – from workouts to virtual happy hours. We’re also maintaining normal rituals like Monday Metrics and Show-and-Tell to keep a sense of calm and consistency.

On the work side, our marketing team is rethinking events and doubling down on digital marketing. We’re also shifting to wartime practices – that means renewing our focus on the most important projects to help buyers and sellers, and working even closer with sales.

Plus, we’re sharing what we’re learning along the way with others – from ramping up webinars to going back to campaign basics. We’re also continuously looking for ways to give back to those hurting during these uncertain times and helping others maintain some sense of normalcy.

If you have the ability to give back to the community in this way, that in itself is a gift. But sometimes, the best thing you can do as an individual is just reach out and check in on those around you.

I want to make sure you’re getting this same sense of community here, as a subscriber. So before we dive into the articles I read this month. I’ll ask again:

How are you? If you’re lucky to be able to work from home, how is your team adjusting? What challenges are you facing? And what acts of empathy and community have moved you? Send me a note on LinkedIn, tweet to @triciagellman, or reply to this email.

Now, here’s what I’m reading 👇

The dos and don’ts of COVID-19 customer communication [Gartner]

Customer experience is critical to the longevity of any business. But now, it’s quite possibly the most important KPI you have.

That’s why I love this article from Gartner on customer communication during COVID-19. Before writing any email in response to this or any large-scale change, Gartner recommends asking these questions:

  • Am I telling customers something different from other brands?
  • Am I telling customers something they don’t already expect of my company or brand?
  • Is the takeaway for customers conspicuous in the subject line and opening paragraph?
  • And, most importantly, is the takeaway attuned to customer needs right now?

Your customers don’t have time for fluff. So ensure that all communication is clear, transparent, and most of all HELPFUL.

How to pivot your B2B marketing [Forbes]

2020 is a year that will test marketing’s ability to remain agile and pivot – quickly – in the face of changing priorities. At Drift, this meant shifting campaigns and focusing on messaging to help customers and potential buyers adjust to new realities. I know this was difficult for my team at first, but we’re already seeing the results of our hard work.

This article from Forbes offers one of the best playbook summaries I’ve seen on how other B2B marketing teams can pivot in the face of COVID-19.

The 2020 Marketing Leadership Benchmark Report

Earlier this year, we asked you and a number of other marketing leaders to tell us about the current state of talent, tech, and trends on your marketing team.

I was delighted to find that your answers were more timely than ever. Specifically, your focus on people first ❤️

Thank you for contributing to this valuable research. We hope to run this assessment again next year! You can find all of the responses and data at this link right here.

Bringing the marketing & sales community to you

Last week, we got together – virtually – with some of the biggest names in marketing and sales for RevGrowth. Couldn’t make it? No worries. You can access the sessions for the marketing track and sales track directly on Drift Insider.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy as we move into Q2. I’ll be checking in on you all again next month!

Until then,


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