“When in doubt, choose change.” – Lily Leung

There’s something so powerful about that statement. 

Since 2020, we’ve been overwhelmed by change. We pivoted our lives, we showed up when it mattered, and we took lemons and made them into lemonade.

We chose to change.

Case in point, I got to see firsthand how your marketing teams pivoted in Drift’s 2021 Marketing Leadership Survey:

  • 77% of you said marketing’s role increased in importance over the last year
  • 50% of you had to adjust your marketing goals due to COVID
  • And 45% of you said your team has greater flexibility now than ever before

The survey is still very much open, so please continue sharing your insights.

Since you’ve been so open with me, I thought it only right to share as well. Here are the five biggest lessons the Drift Marketing team learned over the last year:

5 Lessons From Drift’s Marketing Team

  1. Slow down to speed up: Our team is tired. And we’ve been operating on “tired” for a while now. Last week we decided to reevaluate the marketing we’re doing this summer to scale back. We’re calling it Operation Vacation. Our goal is simple: Take a breath, take stock of what’s important (cut the rest), and take some damn vacation.
  2. Real-time marketing and sales are here to stay: COVID showed us that real-time is now a business necessity. In fact, the top three changes in consumer expectations you reported were:
    • Buyers expect more personalization in their interactions with companies
    • Buyers expect more immediacy in their communication with companies
    • Buyers expect brands to have open lines of communication 24/7/365
  3. We can work from anywhere: Like 45% of you, we found out our teams were more than capable of working remotely. So, Drift became a digital-first company. We’ve had to make some adjustments. But the flexibility and the opportunities this offers from a hiring perspective are ideal.
  4. Lean into digital and keep innovating: Virtual events are key to our pipeline strategy and will be around for the long haul. The ability to reach audiences from anywhere can’t be beaten. And many of you felt the same way in the survey. That said, the event experience you ran in May 2020 won’t cut it anymore. That’s why we’re leveling up our video production and continuing to push the envelope around events. Competition is fierce. How are you staying innovative?
  5. Practice what your marketing preaches: Drift shares a lot of marketing and sales advice. So I want to ensure we’re constantly “practicing what we preach.” For example, we talk a lot about website friction at Drift. So I’m hyper-critical of any marketing processes that appear overly complex for our buyers and customers. Digital is about simplifying our lives, not giving people more hoops to jump through.

Now, here’s what I’m reading this month 👇

Seven B2B Sales Metrics That Can Help Your Marketing Strategy [Marketing Profs]

Aligning marketing and sales is a big focus for me. So, whenever I see an article that explains how to do this well, I pay attention.

I’ve seen time and time again how revenue brings marketing and sales together. And while I’d put customer lifetime value as number one, many of the metrics shared focus on revenue acceleration and SLAs:

  1. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  2. Conversion Rate
  3. Sales Pipeline Velocity
  4. Average Lead Response Time
  5. Customer Lifetime Value
  6. Win Rate
  7. Lead Source

What would you add to the list?

2021 State of Customer Engagement [Twilio]

I’ve shared Twilio’s 2020 report in this newsletter before. A year later, they revisited the companies from the original survey. Here’s the consensus I found: Many shifts to digital are permanent.

  • 92% of companies said COVID accelerated their move to the cloud
  • 96% reported that not shifting to digital would have negatively impacted their business
  • And many plan to increase their digital channel usage moving forward

It’s clear that circumstances forced many of us to embrace new technologies. Which begs the question, what’s next?

Tell me about your big digital transformations from this past year. Send me a note on LinkedIn, tweet to @triciagellman, or reply to this email.

Enjoy your summer,


P.S. The MQL is (still) dead. But now there are even more ways to use conversations to improve your website experience. Learn more here.

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