What Is A CMO 3.0?

We’ve all read the headlines. The ones that say CMOs are quickly becoming an “endangered species” or “increasingly irrelevant” in an ever-expanding C-Suite.

I don’t buy it.

Today, successful marketers are those who can keep pace with their customers. This is the standard by which all CMOs are now measured. And considering our customers are more technologically-savvy and educated than ever before, this is no easy task.

But there is a CMO who is rising to the occasion.

In an interview with AdWeek, CMO Pedro Earp of Anheuser-Busch described a new type of marketing leader. One who was more customer-centric, data-driven and willing to breakdown business silos than ever before.

He called this marketer of the future “CMO 3.0.”

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What You’ll Learn

Marketing is changing. This change puts more power in the hands of marketers than ever before.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work at some of the biggest names in technology: Salesforce, Adobe and Apple. This experience has given me a great perspective on how customers are changing tech and innovation not just in my field, but across industries.

And now I want to discuss the trends shaping the landscape – and the role of the CMO – with you. To do this, twice a month I’ll share the customer-centric, data-driven, and barrier-breaking marketing headlines that are defining today’s CMO 3.0 – plus a few other surprises exclusive to subscribers.

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