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How To Make A Podcast That Turns Average Listeners Into Raving Fans
How to Make a Podcast
Inside Drift Studios

How To Make A Podcast That Turns Average Listeners Into Raving Fans

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Behind Seeking Wisdom: Learn How To Start & Scale A Podcast With The Exact Production Process Used By Drift Studios

In this lesson, we’ll take you behind the scenes inside Drift Studios for the first time with Dan, Elizabeth, and Gonzalo to show you how we make our podcast, Seeking Wisdom. We cover everything from pre-production to post-production, and break down what goes into each episode of the podcast, including all of the gear we use (from lights to cameras to audio recorders), all of the software we use (mixing, editing, transcripts, captions), and all of the marketing we do to get a show live, from blog posts to clips for YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Not a gearhead? Don’t worry. You don’t have to be. We’ll break things down in a simple way you can understand (and then put to use for your podcast). Don’t have a big brand budget? We got your back. We’ll tap into a few low budget secrets that will make your show standout anyway. Whether you’re a podcast pro looking to level-up or just curious about how we make Seeking Wisdom and what goes on behind the scenes, this Drift Insider video has everything you need.

About the Instructor

Dan Meyers, Elizabeth Hilfrank, Gonzalo Veloz from Drift Studios

For this video we tapped the real team behind Drift Studios to break down exactly how they produce Seeking Wisdom each week. Beyond this podcast, Dan, Elizabeth, and Gonz are responsible for creating all video content at Drift and regularly ship 20+ videos each week, which includes ads, case studies, explainers, social media clips, trailers & teasers, employment branding & recruiting content, and much more. For the first time, we’re taking you behind the scenes and into our studio to show you exactly how we create Seeking Wisdom. But you’re not hearing it from some talking head: you’ll learn from the real people behind the podcast everyday at Drift.

Come Inside Drift Studios To Learn:

How We Prep & Setup
We’ll walk you through everything that goes into setting up to film a new episode, from our prep and show notes to the gear we need to bring it all to life.
The Podcast Gear We Use
Speaking of gear: we’ll share everything in our studio, from the hardware (like cameras, lights, microphones, and audio recorders), to the software (which includes everything from editing to getting transcripts to writing blog posts).
What Goes Into Marketing & Promotion
After we take you through set-up and everything that goes into pre-production, we’ll head out of the studios to talk to our content team to break down exactly how we market & promote new episodes of Seeking Wisdom.

Here Are The Three Parts Of Creating A Podcast That We’ll Cover In This Lesson


Come behind the scenes and into Drift Studios to see everything that goes into pre-production from prep to set-up.


You’ll see what happens once we go live and what it takes to create new podcast episodes, from the gear to what actually happens on-air.


We’ll breakdown how we market and promote each episode and show you how a simple audio file becomes a blog post, a video, an ad, social media content, and more.

Ready to take a look inside Drift Studios and learn what goes into producing a podcast?

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