As a member of Drift’s Influencer referral program, you’ll earn exclusive prizes for helping spread the word about Drift. Why? Because we want to celebrate you, our incredible customers and community. You’ve been sharing your love for Drift on social and with your professional network. Now it’s time for us to show you some love back and thank you for all that you’ve done for Drift.

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Here’s How It Works

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Now For The Good Stuff

Once a referral checks out your link, we’ll send exclusive prizes your way to say thanks.

3 Points

Custom Drift Yeti. Whether you like it hot or cold, with cream or sugar, drink it out of a specially designed Yeti.

30 Points

Special edition Adidas jacket. (Trust us, this is the kind of swag you’ll actually want to 

50 Points

Exclusive access to Drift’s internal book club featuring books that cover everything from sales and marketing, to business strategy, to mindset and performance (from Crossing The Chasm to Shoe Dog to GIRLBOSS and many more). We’ll send you 5 of your favorite books off Drift’s book 
club list.

150 Points

Join us as a guest on one of your favorite Drift podcasts, be featured on the blog or in a customer story, or make a special appearance on a webinar or video.

500 Points

On a Drift Away trip we’ll send you and a friend anywhere you’d like to go for up to $2,000. We mean it, anywhere. Whether you want to sip piña coladas on the beach or ski and snowboard your favorite trails.

From our start with Drift in June to our highest revenue month to date in August, we have grown our inbound leads list by over 900%. On top of that, we've been able to nearly double our conversion rate. Drift is the shit.”
— Madison, Perry Marketing Manager at

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