In-App Messages

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The power of in-app messaging

Your emails are great, but what about the 80% of people who never open them? That’s where targeted in-app messages come in.

Once you get Drift installed inside of your product, you’ll be able to reach your customers in the right place at exactly the right time. And with slider messages, full-page takeovers, targeting, and custom triggers, you’ll have all of the tools you need for any situation — from a quick heads up about a feature, to launching something entirely new.

Get More Feedback With In-App Surveys

Whoever gets closest to their customer wins, and with Drift, you can get all of the customer feedback you’ll ever need.

You can use in-app messages and email to measure Net Promoter Score, and then take action once you’ve collected all the data. Take the responses and reach out to promoters with Drift and ask for testimonials or case studies — and then follow up with detractors and figure out what you can do to make things right.

Right Message. Right Place. Right Time.

One of the most powerful features of Drift is the ability for you to proactively reach out to people. — and it pays to make the most of it. With Drift, target a message to as specific (or broad) a group of people as you want. Target to segments, by URL, and even scroll percentage! Create an experience that will connect you with your customers and empower your sales and CSM teams.

Need some ideas where to start? Here’s some inspiration from the Drift playbook:

Let your customers know you’ve shipped something new to your product

Ask your enterprise customers how your account managers have been doing

Target prospects who have visited your pricing page 3 times

Let your first time blog visitors know about your weekly newsletter

Start booking more qualified meetings for your sales team today.

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