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A simple, free way to help your customers become successful with your product.

Automate Q&A with Driftbot

Let Drift Customer Support Software answer questions for your customers on your website 24/7 so your sales team can focus on selling.

Help People Help Themselves with Knowledge Base

Your buyers want answers and they want them fast. Drift's free knowledge base software can help them get answers ASAP.

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Provide answers in real-time (no humans required)

When you build your help documentation in Drift’s knowledge base software, you’re not just creating beautiful, easy-to-read documentation. You’re also automating your live customer support because Drift’s bots automatically crawl your help documentation and will provide real-time responses to your site visitor’s questions.

Drift help provides answer to your site's visitors in real time

It's your knowledge base, so make it your own

Customize the look and feel of Drift Help by adding your colors, logo, images and messaging. But don’t worry, Drift customer support software has an easy to use article editor so you don’t need to do any custom coding to make your documentation look beautiful.

Customize the style of your help docs with Drift Help

Create and manage your articles in minutes

If you’re a customer-centric team, you probably create lots of helpful documentation. So creating a new article should be easy and fast. With Drift knowledge base software, it is. Write articles, add images, customize URLs and nest articles within sections all without leaving the editor.

What people are saying

A non techy person could manage this knowledge base in minutes. I can literally turn it on, create a category, create a section, create an article and its done in 2 minutes.

Anyone who’s using Drift for support of any kind in their platform would be wise to look at the Drift Customer Support Software, it just makes sense.

The Drift Help Center

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