The Technology Doesn’t Matter: Why The Future Of Marketing Is All About Customer Experience

The MarTech® Conference is coming to Boston September 16-18, 2019. And even though the event is less than a quarter-mile from our headquarters we didn’t see Conversational Marketing being showcased as a topic at the event.

So we had an idea: what if we host an online event with some of our role models to talk about the future of marketing that they’re seeing? And make it available to everyone around the world, on-demand…even if you won’t be in Boston for MarTech.

We rounded up 11 modern sales & marketing leaders who want go beyond marketing & sales technology to showcase why customer experience is the future of marketing, and why ultimately the tools & technology will soon become irrelevant.

The future of marketing is about the customer experience, and that’s what we’ll focus on during this one day, 100% free online event. Want to get access to all of this content on-demand on September 17? Just put your email address in to register and hold your spot now.

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sept. 17, 2019

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10:00 - 10:30am EST
Session #1

Driving Human Experiences Internally and Externally

You don’t market and sell to companies; you market and sell to PEOPLE. Getting to know your target audience on a personal level and developing strong customer relationships is the key to a successful business. But in the pursuit of creating the perfect customer buying experience, there’s one group of people that often gets left by the wayside…your employees! Too often, we overlook the importance of keeping our employees just as delighted and engaged as our customers. Join us for this live session to hear how developing engaging internal employee experiences can, in turn, foster a better buying experience for your paying customers.

Heather Moses
CMO @ Nexthink
11:00 - 11:30am EST
Session #2

Stream On or Tune Out: Personalize your Buyer Journey so Audiences Click Next, Not Once

The way we engage with technology has changed—from the way we watch TV (Netflix), to the way we consume music (Spotify), to the way we exercise (Peloton). We have tuned out on old one dimensional experiences. Your buyer expects each stage of the journey to be curated so they can stream away! Join Randy as he presents an actionable framework for creating experiences that will engage your buyers to stream through more of your content so they don’t tune out.

Randy Frisch
Co-Founder, CMO and President @ Uberflip
11:30 - 11:50am EST
Session #3

Calling BS on ABM — It's Just Good Marketing

B2B buying has evolved. Buyers are in control of the information, flow, pace and preferred channel of communication, often resistant to engage until they have completed their own research and product comparison. As Marketers, we’re still fumbling around in the dark, relying on the same old bag of tricks for prospecting: forms, spam and cold calls. Account Based Marketing has emerged as the cure-all, ye Marketing and Sales teams are struggling to scale their ABM efforts. Discover how simplifying the process can get you back to doing what you love — being a great Marketer.

Latane Conant
CMO @ 6sense
12:00 - 12:30pm EST
Session #4

The Importance of CX Transformation

In this session, you’ll discover the competencies that make an organization customer centric, from acknowledging the need for change, to being able to visualize and measure the customer journey. Join Ian Golding to learn the importance of embedding structure and rigour to enable the management of Customer Experience to drive sustainable change

Ian Golding
CEO & Founder @ Customer Experience Consultancy
1:00 - 1:45pm EST
Session #5

Signaling Matters - How to Use it to your Advantage

Marketing is all about signaling. Everything we do as marketers is done in order to signal value to potential customers. This webinar will cover three practical examples of how you can use fonts, colors, message and the medium to consciously and subconsciously signal value in your marketing. Discover how to apply the Theory of Signaling to your marketing and dramatically improve your results.

Daniel Gaugler
2:00 - 2:30
Session #6

Are Your Metrics Wrecking the Journey?

Different pieces of the customer experience get measured in different ways, so we optimize them in different ways. Are you sure that you’re not optimizing for the wrong things by measuring this way? Or worse, are you so focused on the metrics that you’ve forgotten your customer entirely? Learn how to keep your data-driven attitude from getting in the way of your customer journey by examining your metrics with a customer-obsessed eye.

Jenn Steele
CMO @ Madison Logic
2:30 - 2:50pm EST
Session #7

Creating Consistent Experiences

Join Kat Kennedy, CXO @ Degreed to learn how and why you should be partnering with Sales & Product to create a holistic experience with your brand, product, and business.

Kat Kennedy
CXO @ Degreed
3:00 - 3:20pm EST
Session #8

How to Create a Wholistic Buying Experience

Keap is a leading provider of CRM and marketing automation software, serving a vast array of small businesses in a highly active marketplace. Their main problem: Too many customers, not enough time. So what’s their solution? Conversations and automation. Join this session with Rob from Keap and Mark Kilens to hear how conversations can help you give your buyers their dream buying experience.

Rob Stevenson
Product Marketing Leader @ Keap
Mark Kilens
VP of Content & Community @ Drift
4:00 - 4:30pm EST
Session #9

Courage, Risk, and the Creative Process

For too long, content creation has been constrained by technology, and creativity has been forced to take a backseat. Join this fireside chat with Simon Berg and Mark Kilens to learn how to reignite your creative process and create memorable content experiences for everyone that engages with your brand.

Simon Berg
CEO @ Ceros
Mark Kilens
VP of Content & Community @ Drift
4:30 - 4:50pm EST
Session #10

A Taco Without the Shell Isn’t a Taco - The Intersection of Brand and Demand

Today in B2B Marketing, a common debate is the question of brand vs demand – and which one is more important. Should marketers be outstanding at brand, and potential customers will come – or should teams focus on multi-channel programs and measurement. Join this session to learn why the question is fundamentally flawed and like a good taco, you need a shell, or the insides fall apart. Hear from B2B Marketing Exec, Heidi Bullock, how both brand and demand work together and see practical examples where brand fuels demand programs.

Heidi Bullock
CMO @ Engagio

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All Session Recordings Will Be In Drift Insider If You Can’t Stick Around All Day