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In today’s digital world, buyers are in complete control.

Your marketing and sales teams must work in lockstep to identify your most interested buyers, and also deliver the most compelling messages at the most opportune times. But this can’t be done by your team alone. It’s just not scalable.

Winning customers today takes smarter technology. Technology that aligns your marketing and sales teams to deliver personal connections. Technology that keeps things conversational, and still feels human — online.

Join us for this virtual event to see how the world’s most innovative companies are delivering transformative and personal experiences to their customers. Along the way, we’ll show you how Drift’s conversational AI is helping align marketing and sales to boost businesses, and how it can do the same for yours.

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Your RevGrowth Virtual Summit Speakers

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Greg Hoffman

Global brand leader, former Nike CMO, and Founder of Modern Arena

Sydney Sloan

CMO at SalesLoft

Mariana Cogan

SVP Marketing at PTC

Aurelia Solomon

Director of Product Marketing at Drift

Tricia Gellman

CMO at Drift

Swan Sit

Queen of Clubhouse and Digital Marketing Maven

Dr. Poppy Crum

Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories

David Cancel

CEO at Drift


An overview of the schedule on August 26, 2021. Check back for updates.
  • SESSION #1

    Personal Connections in a Digital World

    The world expects personalized experiences online. Relevant, fast, seamless experiences are the norm in B2C — they have been for over a decade. Find out how to leverage the latest technology to catch up and give customers what they need, now.

    David Cancel
    CEO at Drift
  • SESSION #2

    Keynote with Swan Sit

    Does your brand resonate with your target audience? Do you know enough about your buyers to give them an experience they can’t ignore? It starts with digital transformation and smarter data. When you have the data to get more personal and actually hear what your buyers are asking for, you can give them exactly what they need. Learn how to leverage AI and data to help close the gap between first sale and customer for life.

    Swan Sit
    Queen of Clubhouse and Digital Marketing Maven
  • SESSION #3

    The Power of Emotional Human Branding

    For more than 27 years, Greg Hoffman held marketing leadership roles in design, innovation, and consumer experience at Nike — connecting the brand to consumers on a personal and emotional level. While there, he launched some of Nike’s most memorable and out-of-the-box campaigns including: Nike House of Mamba; Nike Unlimited Stadium; Nike Air Max Day; Nike True to Seven, and much more. And now, he’s here to show you how to create emotional equity in your brand, and deliver personalized experiences across mediums that leave a lasting legacy with your customers.

    Greg Hoffman
    Global brand Leader, Former Nike CMO, and Founder of Modern Arena
  • SESSION #4

    Keeping Things Human

    Today’s buyers prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions. They want convenience, speed, and friendly and knowledgeable service every time they are on your website. And they’re 2x more likely to buy from companies that deliver this outstanding digital experience.

    So, how can you deliver this experience? Join us to learn how PTC, a global leader in computer software for industrial companies, uses Drift’s patented conversational AI to create personalized experiences for their customers at scale — resulting in higher ROI on sales & marketing spend, consistent flow of qualified pipeline, better customer experience, and higher productivity per rep.

    Mariana Cogan
    SVP of Marketing at PTC
    Aurelia Solomon
    Director of Product Marketing at Drift
  • SESSION #5

    Keeping Things Personal

    In our digital-first world, an old saying stands true: Timing is everything. Today’s buyers expect a hyper personalized experience when they are on your website. And, they expect an immediate response to their questions (in some cases within 10 seconds or less). So how do you balance this “need for speed” with growing demands for personalization?

    Join the CMOs from Drift and SalesLoft, Tricia Gellman and Sydney Sloan, as they talk about the shift to digital sales and marketing and how their teams’ focus on personalization and timeliness is enhancing the customer experience, driving more qualified pipeline, and delivering a better ROI on their marketing spend.

    Sydney Sloan
    CMO at SalesLoft
    Tricia Gellman
    CMO at Drift
  • SESSION #6

    The Science and Technology Opportunities Behind Personalization

    We’re finishing off the day with a little dive into the power of data. The future of personalized data is changing everyday. Boosting engagement, retention and longevity of brand commitment can all happen with personalized data. Learn how to stay ahead of the ever-changing world of personalized data, and generate revenue faster than you ever thought possible.

    Dr. Poppy Crum
    Chief Scientist at Dolby Laboratories
  • SESSION #7

    Certification Hour

    Join the Drift team LIVE to get certified in all things Drift.

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Some people put on events, others create experiences you'll never forget- Drift is one of those!!!”
I want to thank everyone at Drift for inviting me – to be able to share my story and to reflect on what I’ve learned.”
Thanks to #RevGrowth and Drift for the lovely top billing next to Nick Tran (Head of Global Marketing) at TikTok and Lindsay Peoples Wagner (EIC) at TeenVogue.”
Always a pleasure speaking for Drift. I had a blast at RevGrowth Digital Advertising, thanks for having me back!”

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