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Teamwork makes the revenue dream work.

Picture this: It’s dinner time, and a hungry couple (let’s call them Jerome and Kayla) want to get take out. They go back and forth but can’t agree. Jerome wants pizza and Kayla isn’t budging on Thai. They waste lots of time arguing when they both actually want the same thing — food.

Sound like anyone you know?

Marketing and sales are a lot like Jerome and Kayla — these two teams have been at odds for far too long. Marketing wants leads, sales wants meetings. But they waste time on their separate agendas when they’re both just hungry for the same thing — revenue and hitting their quotas.

Listen, alignment doesn’t have to just be a pipe dream. It can be a dream for your pipeline.

It’s time to stop the bickering once and for all, and bring your marketing and sales teams together. Food analogies aside, proper alignment can help your teams work more efficiently together, engage the right buyers, and accelerate revenue, faster. And at our next virtual event you’ll get the blueprint for how to do it.

Your RevGrowth Virtual Summit Speakers

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Sarah Robb O’Hagan

Legendary Business Leader, CEO of EXOS, and Author

Katie Foote

CMO at Drift

Royce Evans

Head of HRBP & DEI at Drift

Latane Conant

CMO at 6sense

Mark Ebert

SVP of Sales at 6sense

Ginny Clarke

Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google

Lisa Leslie

WNBA & Olympic Gold Champion and Former Co-Owner of the LA Sparks

Leo Tenenblat

CPO at Drift

Kimen Warner

VP, Product Management at Drift

Jessica Gilmartin

Head of Revenue Marketing at Asana

John Messina

Head of AMER Enterprise Sales at Asana

Chris Albro

VP Enterprise Sales at Outreach


An overview of the schedule on December 2, 2021.
  • Session #1

    The Secret to Building Over Half a Billion Dollars in Pipeline

    Katie Foote has spent 15+ years leading demand generation teams at the world’s leading SaaS companies. During that time, she generated over half a billion dollars in pipeline. Now, she’s spilling all her secrets. Learn Katie’s pipeline playbook, the lessons she’s learned over a seasoned career at Salesforce and Drift, and how she builds lasting partnerships with sales.

    Katie Foote
    CMO at Drift
  • Session #2

    Building High-Performance Teams at High-Performance Brands

    Sarah Robb O’Hagan knows that to run a high-performance brand you need more than just strong teams — you need strong collaboration. Called one of the Most Powerful Women in Sports by Forbes, Sarah has held leadership positions at companies including EXOS, Equinox, Nike, Gatorade, and more. At RevGrowth, she’s sharing how to build world-class teams to grow revenue and create better customer experiences.

    Sarah Robb O’Hagan
    CEO of EXOS, Former President of Equinox and Gatorade
  • Session #3

    We’re Putting Marketing and Sales Leaders in the Hot Seat

    Your questions, answered. Asana’s Head of Revenue Marketing, Jessica Gilmartin, and Head of AMER Enterprise Sales, John Messina, are tackling some of the biggest questions plaguing today’s marketing and sales teams.

    Jessica Gilmartin
    Head of Revenue Marketing at Asana
    John Messina
    Head of AMER Enterprise Sales at Asana
  • Session #4

    How to Keep People Together When We’ve Never Been Further Apart

    For more than a decade, Ginny Clarke has helped senior leaders — from Google to Spencer Stuart — build the infrastructure, competencies, and skills to attract, inspire, and grow talent. But these are unparalleled times. How we work, hire, and lead looks different now. And, according to Ginny, leaders need to adapt — or get out of the way. Learn what comes before and after building the dream team, and the new skills you need to align and grow your team today.

    Ginny Clarke
    Former Director, Executive Recruiting at Google
  • Session #5 | Marketing Track

    3+ Years of Partnership. 3 Big Lessons on Accelerating Pipeline.

    A lot can change in three years. That’s especially true in marketing and sales. Discover how 6sense’s CMO and SVP of Sales found partnership in the chaos, built a predictable pipeline machine, and helped create one of the fastest-growing private companies in America (Inc. magazine), during this fireside chat.

    Latane Conant
    CMO at 6sense
    Mark Ebert
    SVP of Sales at 6sense
    Session #5 | Sales Track

    Engagement and Intelligence: The Key to Unlocking Predictable, Efficient Growth

    Modern business buyers have endless options. To stand out in a crowded space, your sales team needs to know what actually works and stop wasting time on opportunities that will never close. But how? B2B sales have become so complex that it’s impossible for one rep to monitor, much less know, all the variables to win a deal. The answer always comes back to engagement and intelligence. Find out what that means for you at RevGrowth.

    Chris Albro
    VP Enterprise Sales
    at Outreach
  • Session #6 | Drift Solutions: Prospecting

    Improve Rep Efficiency by up to 50% with Drift for Prospecting

    Whether you’re an AE, a BDR, or an SDR, you’re doing plenty of prospecting. In fact, 70% of sellers report they very frequently spend their time prospecting and qualifying net new buyers. But is all of this prospecting effective? Not according to the numbers. 43% of sellers report being frustrated by being unable to find or interact with enough qualified buyers. Don’t worry though. In this session, we will show you how to leverage Drift for prospecting. Join experts from the Drift sales team as they share their strategies for successful prospecting – and how Drift helps them hit their goals.

    Alex Roy
    Sales Development
    Manager at Drift
    Jessica Jacobs
    Sales Development
    Manager at Drift
    Session #6 | Drift Solutions: ABM

    Increase Conversion Rates by up to 100% with Drift for ABM

    Personalization is no longer a “nice-to-have.” Buyers’ expectations for quick, personalized experiences have grown by 26%. And when it comes to your ABM strategy, personalization is key. But how do you make sure you never miss an opportunity to engage with a target account? Join experts from Drift to see how you can leverage Drift to start conversations with the accounts that matter most.

    Meghan Flannery
    Director of Go to
    Market at Drift
    Lindsey Narloch
    Professional Services
    Consultant at Drift
  • Session #8

    Fireside Q&A with Basketball Superstar Lisa Leslie

    Whether you’re an award-winning athlete or business executive, your performance in the face of uncertainty is career-defining. And perhaps no one knows more about performing under pressure than award-winning WNBA player and Olympic gold medalist, Lisa Leslie. Discover how Lisa stays cool under pressure and the leadership lessons she’s gained both on-and-off the court in this fireside interview.

    Lisa Leslie
    WNBA & Olympic Gold Champion and
    Former Co-Owner of the LA Sparks
    Royce Evans
    Head of HRBP, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Drift

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Thanks to #RevGrowth and Drift for the lovely top billing next to Nick Tran (Head of Global Marketing) at TikTok and Lindsay Peoples Wagner (EIC) at TeenVogue.”
Always a pleasure speaking for Drift. I had a blast at RevGrowth Digital Advertising, thanks for having me back!”

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