Conversations make it easier for customers to buy. So why does your email marketing software make having them so hard?

The data from over 50,000+ businesses using Drift has proven it again and again… When marketers have personal, real time conversations with leads, they start driving more revenue. Messaging makes it easy to have those conversations when leads are on your website, but what happens after they leave? Your marketing and sales teams bombard them with uncoordinated emails from tools that were never built with conversations in mind — creating terrible experiences for buyers. They get blasted with marketing emails when your sales team has already engaged them. They get stuck in automated sequences when all they want is a real-time conversation with a human. Too often, email adds unnecessary friction to your buying process. And people have grown to hate it. It’s time to close the loop between the conversations on your website and the conversations happening over email. That’s why we’re launching the world’s first conversational email marketing platform. With Drift Email Marketing Software, you can finally create seamless buying experiences that align with sales and bring you closer to your customers.

Everything You Need to Create Seamless Buying Experiences

Drive real-time conversations with every marketing email.

Drift connects email to real time messaging on your website so you can give everyone who clicks a personalized message. Now, every email is an opportunity to have engaging conversations that shorten your sales cycle.

Drift email driving real time conversation

Put an end to annoying emails with one click.

Ever accidentally email leads who are already engaged with sales? With Smart Filters, you can stop sending emails to people that are engaged with your sales team. There’s no need to spend hours on complicated if/then workflows — just click once and Drift won’t send any emails to leads who are engaged with sales or having conversations on your website.

Drift marketing email's smart filters won't send emails to leads that are already engaged

See the ROI of all your email activity.

With Drift reporting, you’ll be able to point to a lot more than open and click rates at your next meeting. Your dashboard shows you:

  • How many conversations each email started
  • How many bookings came from each email
  • And yes—the exact amount of revenue each of your emails generated
Proving the value of your campaigns has never been easier.

Reporting showing the ROI of Drift marketing email activity

Follow up your conversations with perfectly timed emails.

After someone has had a conversation on your website, following up with an email at exactly the right moment. All you have to do is setup Playbooks in Drift to trigger once someone has reached a goal. So you can deliver a seamless experience without juggling between two systems.

Send perfectly timed emails after a user engaged with Drift chat on your website

Hand your sales team warm leads with zero friction.

Imagine you just packed out a webinar and now you want Sales to follow up with the attendees. Instead of waiting on Sales, you can use Dynamic Sending to send each lead an email directly from the sales rep assigned to their account. It’ll even include the account owner’s calendar link and signature. Your sales reps will thank you when their calendars start magically filling up with high-quality meetings.

Top Marketers Are Already Increasing Engagement with Drift Email Marketing Software


What Medium did for content creators online, Drift is now doing for email. We’ve seen a much higher open rate for emails in the ‘plain text’ formats with a single focus or single call to action. Marketers can finally stop ‘blasting’ (the dirtiest word in marketing) their customers and start building meaningful relationships again.”

“We’ve been playing with Drift Email Marketing Software for a few weeks now and the potential value it offers to the marketing and sales process is huge. It’s going to help close that gap between email and conversation and that’s exciting. It’s going to massively help clarify the blurred lines between what sits with marketing and what sits with sales.

Why We’re Throwing Out Fancy Templates and Focusing on Plain Text

You shouldn’t have to worry about choosing the right template or color scheme when emailing your customers. It should feel like having a conversation, not creating an art project. That’s why we ignored the bloated, overcomplicated features that make the best email products difficult to use. Instead, we built something that lets you focus on what matters most — creating personal messages that build real relationships. Your prospects don’t care about templates and color schemes. So why should you? With Drift, you can create plain-text emails that feel like real conversations, not overproduced marketing material.

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Send Emails That Close Leads Faster with Drift