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Get your customers the help they need now — without slowing down your sales team.

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Give your customers a better experience.

Give your sales team more time to sell.

When customers come to your website and use live chat to ask support questions, all too often sales gets stuck as the go-between. And that creates a frustrating experience for everyone.

Your customers don’t get the best answers to their questions or the fast responses they deserve. Your sales team spends valuable time trying to chase down answers instead of focusing on sales conversations.If the issue does make it to support, it’s often missing the important details they need to deliver a helpful experience.

With Driftbot for Help, you can finally cut out the middleman and create a direct line from live chat to any of the tools your support team is already using.

Customers get instant help, no details get lost in the shuffle, and your sales team can stay focused on what they do best—selling.

100% of Support Questions Answered

Without Involving Your Sales Team

Deliver Instant Answers Right When Your Customers Need Them

Connect Drift to your knowledge base and Driftbot for Help will automatically surface relevant help documentation to answer your customer’s questions fast. Now your customers can skip the back-and-forth and find the help they need in seconds.

Automatically Create Support Tickets Inside Any Conversation

If a customer’s question isn’t answered in your knowledge base, Driftbot for Help can create a support ticket directly from the conversation. The issue will go 
straight to your support team’s ticketing system with 
all the context they need to give customers the fastest possible resolution.

Answer 100% of Support Questions Without Changing Anyone’s Workflow

Since Drift connects to the help desk your support team is already using, your sales team won’t have to worry about funneling issues between departments anymore. Instead, they can stay focused on having more conversations with potential customers.

What our customers are saying

"Driftbot for Help ensures that we’re not only providing a great experience for prospects, but for our existing customers as well. It’s now easier for customers to find the answers they need or create tickets without disrupting our sales team."

"Driftbot for Help does all the heavy lifting by searching and serving up answers to customer questions from our knowledge base. I love that I can use it right within an existing bot flow for a seamless customer experience."

"Driftbot for Help works really well for us as we don’t need to ask users to email us anymore. And the need for a human to get involved just to submit a ticket to Jira Service Desk has reduced significantly."

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