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Dee A. G2 Crowd Review "Drift cuts out the static."
"Drift has been absolutely amazing!!!" Ashely S. G2 Crowd Review
"Drift put money in my pocket" Adrien C. G2 Crowd Review
"Here is why I tell every business owner, marketer and entrepreneur they need Drift…" G2 Review zac
Awards are always nice, but this one means more than most because it came from real customer reviews and responses on G2 Crowd,

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The TOP Reasons Why Companies Use Drift vs Intercom

/ drift vs intercom
Reason #1
Advanced Targeting
Every company can say “send the right message to the right person at the right time.” But with Drift you can take things a step further than Intercom and send the right message to an anonymous website visitor and greet them with a welcome message based on their company name, industry, and technology they are using (even if it’s the first time they visit your website).
Reason #2
Reporting Built For Sales & Marketing People
Intercom has built a great product but it’s not entirely built for sales and marketing people. As a result, one of their limitations is reporting. It’s tough to compare chatbots to understand which one is performing better, and you don’t always know where people fall off in your funnel. Drift gives you the data and reporting you need, whether you’re a marketing manager that needs to optimize a campaign or a VP of Marketing that needs data for the leadership team.
Reason #3
Integrations With Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo, & Outreach
Because Drift is built for sales & marketing people, we understand the modern tech stack and built integrations that go beyond just syncing data. With Drift, you can use data from Salesforce, LinkedIn, Marketo, and Outreach to send personalized messages to people when they visit your website, whether they’re an open opportunity in Salesforce, or coming to your website from a LinkedIn InMail, a Marketo campaign, or an Outreach email sequence.

The TOP Reasons Why Companies Use Drift vs Hubspot

/ drift vs hubspot
Reason #1
Improved Targeting
HubSpot has built a solid chat product, but the one thing we hear from most customers is that their targeting isn’t as advanced as what we offer with Drift. Just to give you a few examples: with Drift you can do everything from choose when a chatbot message shows up on your website to send personalized greetings based on company name, industry, technology used, customer lifecycle stage and much more.
Reason #2
Integrations With Salesforce & Outreach
HubSpot has typically focused on smaller companies with less sophisticated tech stacks. Drift customers are typically enterprise B2B companies using tools like Salesforce and Outreach, so we’ve built native integrations with each of those products. This makes it easy to sync data and send targeted messages to people when they visit your website. For example, you can send a message based on a Salesforce campaign or deal stage; or greet everyone who comes to your website via an Outreach email with a custom message. Here is a full comprehensive breakdown of Drift vs. HubSpot from someone who uses both products today.
Reason #3
Advanced Lead Routing
HubSpot allows you to route conversations to a specific owner or round-robin within the account or team, but you can only have one routing “rule” per conversation. With Drift, you can route conversations based on a nearly unlimited list of factors. Just to give you a quick example: you can set specific routing rules based on geographical location and time of day, and even route conversations to different people on your team based on the outcome of a conversation.

Still Not A Believer? 
Here’s What Holds Most People Back From Using Drift

Look, we get it. It’s easy to be skeptical.

There are over 7,000 companies that offer some type of sales & marketing software today and every marketer or sales person at those companies is going to tell you their product is the best, easiest to use, has the most integrations, etc. And all of that noise from vendors can make it pretty tough to figure out which product is right for your business. So we figured we’d just be upfront and real with you here and share some of the top objections our sales team hears when they’re talking to real people just like you about buying Drift.
Reason #1
Pricing. We’re not sure we can justify the cost here.”
Drift beat the competition across the board on G2 Crowd when customers were asked about the ROI. If that isn’t enough to convince you, we’ve seen companies literally generate millions in pipeline is a little as 30 to 60 days. Here are a few case studies to flip through. With Drift it’s not a question of “if” we’ll generate revenue for you–it’s “how much.”
Reason #2
We’re waiting to re-design our website.”
Drift gives you a direct line to the people that are on your website right now. And conversations with those people can help inform what you should build out with your new site – and what content people will need to be successful. Having Drift on your website while you’re going through a re-design can help show you exactly what people want (first-hand in their own words). And by the way: a website redesign shouldn’t mean a loss in sales leads and revenue. Drift can help you generate both while you wait to ship the new design.
Reason #3
Timing. This isn’t a priority right now.”
The answer here is similar to the last part of the question from above. Why wait to generate more leads and revenue? Drift can help your business almost instantly (and you can use Drift with any of your current activities that drive people to your website). We’ve seen customers get results within days of putting Drift on their website. And it doesn’t have to take a bunch of heavy lifting to get Drift up and running the right way. We’ve helped over 50,000+ businesses across every industry unlock the power of Conversational Marketing, and we’re confident we can do the same for you.
Reason #4
We’ve tried live chat and it doesn’t work for us. Isn’t this just live chat?”
Live chat didn’t work for us either. And that’s exactly why we built Drift and created the category of Conversational Marketing. With Drift, you’ll have a chatbot than can work 24/7/365 even while your sales team is sleeping, hiking, or on vacation. You’ll also be able to filter out the noise from any conversation you don’t want to have to make sure your sales team is only talking to the right people. Live chat led to noise and forced you to dig through a bunch of bad conversations to find a few good ones. Drift leads to more conversations with your dream customers.
Reason #5
We're using one of your competitors.”
One of the top reasons people don’t buy Drift is competition, and we get that. There are a bunch of great companies in this space for sure. But there’s also a lot of noise in this space (there are over 7,000 companies in sales and marketing technology alone.) And while there are great products and services in there, there’s only one company that is #1 across the board in Conversational Marketing according to customer reviews and responses on G2 Crowd.

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