The end of 2019 signals not just the beginning of a new year, but a new decade.

In honor of this occasion and the approaching New Year, we wanted to reflect on some of the biggest social, cultural and business events that ruled the 2010s.






  • Colorado becomes the epicenter of the marijuana industry.
  • Facebook expands its tech empire with the acquisition of WhatsApp and Oculus.
  • Malaysian Airlines Flight 747 and its 239 passengers disappear, becoming the greatest aviation mystery of our time.
  • Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 is shot down near the Ukranian border, a casualty of the Crimea crisis in the region.
  • Instagram is officially bigger than Twitter.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge shows the power of social advocacy and consumer marketing.


  • Amazon’s market cap surpasses Walmart.
  • Volkswagen is found to have cheated emissions tests, costing the company close to $87 billion and sparking criminal charges.
  • Nearly 200 countries band together to address climate change.
  • A company called Drift brings conversational marketing to the masses.


  • The Panama Papers – a major win for investigative journalism – expose the financial fraud of notable public figures.
  • At the same time, the rise of “fake news” complicates the relationship between the public, news outlets and politicians.
  • Microsoft acquires LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.
  • Samsung recalls Galaxy Note 7 after multiple cases of “exploding batteries.”
  • Theranos shows the danger of a tech leader left unchecked.


  • #MeToo – a phrase first used by Tarana Burke in 2006 – sparks a global reckoning with sexual harassment and misconduct.



  • The world says so long to the 2010s.

What The Last Decade Can Teach Us

From humanitarian issues to social advocacy, from technological innovation to corporate greed, from #MeToo to the rise of female leadership, from the golden age of TV to fake news – the 2010s were a decade of contradictions.

While it’s easy to study the last ten years and focus on the negative, it’s also important to look at the accomplishments and possibilities that lie ahead. Many of the issues that occurred also sparked international movements that led to greater public transparency, an expansion of equal rights, and incredible innovation.

Drift came of age in the 2010s. We celebrated big wins and grew our Drift family. We’ve also been fortunate to share these successes with our customers too.

There will always be growing pains. But we hope the last decade inspires great things for you, your team, your community and beyond.

Happy New Year 🎉

Like this post? Some of this content was originally published by Drift CMO Tricia Gellman in her newsletter The Path to CMO 3.0.

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