Speed Up the Funnel and Get to Revenue Faster

Drift Automation uses the power of AI to qualify interested prospects. Our chatbots train on your custom qualification criteria, and get customers to answer those questions in a naturalistic conversation. Drift also improves your success over time by analyzing and learning from your quickest converting conversations.

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It didn’t take long for us to realize the very tangible ROI of using Drift to streamline and modernize the way we engage with our prospects. Soon after implementing Drift, we had our fastest close since we re-launched the business. We were able to reduce the sales cycle from 8 months to only 45 days.”
— Ed Breault, CMO at Aprimo

Focus Your Team’s Time on What Matters Most

Drift’s chatbot integrates with your sales team’s calendars, so it can book meetings for the right rep, day or night. That means your team logs on each morning to a calendar filled with qualified meetings so they can focus on what they do best – selling.

Reps can also say goodbye to bouncing back and forth between their CRM, sales engagement platform, and other essential tools, and avoid cobbling data together and sending one-off follow-ups. Drift Prospector automatically prioritizes target accounts, centralizes insight on behavior across the buying committee, and gives your sales reps direct access to follow up – all from a single interface.

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Unleash Sales Conversations with Insight

Now that your team is more focused on selling, Drift puts the data from across your tech stack in front of sales reps so they can have more relevant, effective conversations. We also give you the conversational tools to meet customers where it works best for them: chat, email, even video and Zoom.

Drift can help you do more with less all while hitting your goals faster.

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