We’ve seen people arrive on our site, chat in, get to an SDR, get to a sales rep, and then close in that first call. Drift helped us remove friction from every single stage of the buying cycle to allow that to happen.”
— Rob Stevenson, Director of Performance Marketing at Zenefits

Engage Every Prospect at Their Moment of Highest Intent

Drift engages every prospect when their intent is the highest: the moment they’re on your site. We personalize the customer’s experience based on who they are, where they came from, and how they’ve interacted with your marketing and your sales team. Drift even schedules the most qualified prospects for a sales meeting, so your pipeline is always growing.

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Speed Up Your Path to Revenue

Drift engages your site visitors in a personalized way – and qualifies those visitors for sales based on your own customer criteria. Plus, our chatbots scale to talk to every site visitor, which no human team, no matter how great, ever could. Then, we route qualified customers into conversations with the right rep on your sales team, and kick off nurture track follow-ups with those who aren’t ready to buy (yet!).

For the sales rep, Drift prioritizes the most engaged customers, so she knows where to spend her time. Whether that’s having a conversation, sharing a video, or teeing up a meeting. The result: sales generates and moves more deals through the pipeline, faster. So you accelerate revenue overall.

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Increase Conversions with 24/7 Engagement

Turn your site visitors into qualified leads. With Drift, you can route a conversation directly to the right rep or deliver a personalized experience to qualify the lead. When the lead is qualified, they can book a meeting on their dedicated rep’s calendar – even if the rep isn’t around. So whether your team is at the office, the beach, or in the mountains, Drift is always working to generate sales pipeline for you.

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