How LandTech Leverages Drift to Achieve a 75% Email Capture Rate


conversation to email capture rate


meetings booked before a chat has ended


second response time when an MDR is routed into chat

About LandTech

Launched in 2014, LandTech is a property technology company that combines advanced cloud-based software with a suite of integrated services to help developers efficiently manage their land records and transactions. With its intuitive user interface, LandTech makes it easy for customers to access and manage their land data, ensure compliance with local regulations, and streamline transactions.

The Challenge

In 2018, LandTech saw a huge uptick in website visitors as they started to gain traction in the property technology market. But with limited resources, they were at risk of missing out on high-value leads who were ready to talk to sales. 

To ensure they could keep up with demand, LandTech needed a solution that could help them capitalize on their newfound success. 

As Andrea Duke, Growth Marketing Manager at LandTech, explained, “We wanted to figure out how we could leverage our resources to capture high-intent, high-value, and high-quality traffic and turn it into leads and sales-qualified leads (SQLs) for our sales team.”


When we first began our journey with Drift, our aim was to ensure that we weren’t missing out on any opportunities. We wanted to make sure we were connecting with those who had expressed interest in our product and were showing buying signals. We knew that providing exceptional customer service was key.

Andrea Duke

Growth Marketing Manager, LandTech

The Solution

At the time, LandTech was using Intercom as their primary customer support solution. However, as the company’s inbound traffic increased, the team decided to take a closer look at what Drift had to offer. 

“After we reviewed the capabilities of Drift versus Intercom, it was obvious that Drift was a more powerful tool for personalization, automation, and scale — allowing us to maximize our inbound efforts due to the increased traffic,” said Andrea. 

With Drift now at their disposal, LandTech has the power to craft tailored messages for the right people at the right time, giving them the competitive edge they needed to make their customer experience stand out.


For LandTech, understanding the customer journey was paramount — and that’s exactly what Drift helped them do. Drift’s native integrations with Salesforce and HubSpot allow LandTech to identify potential leads, nurture them through the sales process, and measure success.

“One of the main reasons we chose Drift was its ability to integrate with our CRM; we use both HubSpot and Salesforce. We found that Intercom was a great tool, but it wasn’t effective in meeting the needs of our inbound traffic,” said Andrea.


With the help of Drift, LandTech has been able to craft successful 1:1 account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns, driving growth among their high-value prospects and existing customers.

“As part of our ABM programs, we leverage personalized Drift bots with targeting parameters to greet all of our target accounts, nurturing them until they are ready to take action,” said Andrea.

For their first ABM campaign, the LandTech team segmented their accounts and assigned each one to a marketing development representative. Then, whenever account activity was detected on their website, Drift would send notifications to the team, allowing them to jump into chat to proactively engage with those customers.

And this worked almost instantly. Within just 20 minutes of their ABM landing page going live, one of their target accounts requested to book a demo through Drift.

LandTech’s ABM strategy has yielded impressive results, thanks in part to Drift’s personalized targeting capabilities. As Andrea put it, “We’ve been able to target key accounts and provide high-value contacts who are both well-engaged and well-informed. It’s been incredibly useful to have personalization and targeting as part of our ABM playbooks.”

Drift has helped us facilitate a smoother handover, decrease our sales cycle, and provide us with higher intent leads than some of our other channels.

Andrea Duke

Growth Marketing Manager, LandTech


LandTech has seen tremendous success in implementing a 24/7 engagement option for inbound leads. Whether it’s a chatbot or the LandTech team on the other end, this option ensures leads are always informed, qualified, and prepared for the handover to sales.

“Drift is our primary conversion point for our inbound efforts, and we use it on our highest-intent pages to speed leads through to our MDR team and account executives,” Andrea explained. “We also use it on our blogs to nurture readers through our content funnel more quickly and reduce bounce rates. We want to make sure there’s a natural flow between content pieces for a seamless user experience.”

What’s more are the valuable customer insights LandTech has surfaced through Drift conversations, which have kept them informed about their customers’ ever-evolving needs. “We’ve been able to recognize new use cases and challenges for our prospects that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise,” Andrea said.

In short, Drift provides LandTech with a modern, personalized solution that allows them to go above and beyond for their buyers. At the same time, Drift empowers customers to take ownership of their journeys — without having to rely on the LandTech team being available 24/7.


With Drift Prospector, the LandTech team can identify key accounts and connect with prospects faster. “Our MDR team finds the engagement notifications and daily digest incredibly helpful. They give our team insight into who is visiting our website and is likely to be interested, so they can interact with them in real-time or follow up when needed,” Andrea said. 

Equally important is the team’s ability to track performance and productivity, as well as pinpoint how Drift is streamlining their sales process. Andrea explained, “Drift’s Real-Time Dashboard and insights into the sales cycle are valuable for gauging how Drift is improving the time and sales cycle of our Drift-converted leads and the impact of our closed-won rates.”

Conversational Marketing is essential to meet the consumer demand for a more tailored, informative buying experience without overextending resources. With Drift, you can capture intent and buying signals to create a personalized experience. By working smarter, understanding your audience, and leveraging a platform like Drift, you can create meaningful experiences that would otherwise require a full team.

Andrea Duke

Growth Marketing Manager, LandTech

The Results

Since going live with Drift, LandTech has garnered incredible results, including: 

conversation to email capture rate
meetings booked before a chat has ended
second response time when an MDR is routed into chat

But LandTech’s journey with Drift is far from over. Their team is dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience, and to do that, they’re refining and expanding their use of Drift, including experimenting with Fastlane on their demo request form to speed up the sales process.

“We’re beginning to test out Fastlane on our main demo request form to start streamlining the leads handover to our AEs and really provide a better experience for those contacts. I’m really excited to see the results with that.”

But as Andrea notes, LandTech is currently focused on making their mark on the US market. “We need to understand the product market fit in this new country and how our product meets the needs of the US market. Our goal as a marketing team is to deliver the right message, to the right people, at the right time in a smart and efficient way.”