Demandbase Used Drift to Transform Buyer Engagement and Convert 150% More Leads

Conversion of conversations to leads
of Drift leads to opportunities
Converted more leads than with forms

The Challenge: Providing an Effective Route to Steer Buyers to Immediate Information

For the world’s leading account-based marketing platform, innovation is at the forefront of their organizational DNA. Demandbase offers the only artificial intelligence-enabled, comprehensive ABM platform that spans advertising, marketing, sales and analytics helping to maximize marketing performance. Its innovative platform helps more than 400 B2B customers execute on account-based marketing initiatives to increase pipeline, increase sales and marketing alignment, and tie marketing activity to revenue.

For anyone who’s ever executed an ABM strategy, you know it’s about all about personalization and customization. So when site visitors were getting stuck navigating across Demandbase’s 30+ offerings, the team knew there had to be a better, more personalized way to engage buyers other than traditional forms.

Providing sales with an immediate way to connect with their target accounts created a more personalized buying experience, which was key to building a steady pipeline and accelerating revenue.”
— Mimi Rosenheim, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Demandbase

And by streamlining the buying experience, Mimi knew exactly where to focus:

  1. Giving top tier accounts an amazing experience by greeting visitors with a personalized message and notifying reps when target accounts are live on the site
  2. Qualifying leads in real-time and connecting site visitors with a human
  3. Ensuring all visitors have someone to talk to and can get them the information they’re looking for
  4. Enabling buyers to instantly book a meeting on a sales rep’s calendar

Buyers have more control than ever these days, and want to be engaged on their terms without necessarily wanting to talk to someone. It’s critical to engage buyers in some capacity and strike when the iron is hot.

The Solution: Even More Personalized Buyer Engagement Right When
They Want It

Demandbase found what they needed in Drift’s Revenue Acceleration Platform which combines Conversational Sales and Conversational Marketing solutions to provide real-time personalized engagement and customer experiences to help businesses grow revenue, shorten their sales cycle, and strengthen their brand.

Transforming How Demandbase Engages Buyers

If there was any company who could tackle the rollout of a completely ABM-focused Drift experience, it was Demandbase. From the very beginning of their implementation, they were able to apply ABM best practices to their playbook builds including:

  1. Offering different experiences for each target account segment
  2. Connecting accounts with their sales reps in real-time
  3. Immediately alerting sales reps when their accounts were actively researching content on their site

By streamlining processes and creating more unique, personalized messaging, it is clear the sales and marketing organizations are better aligned and are now experts in immediately engaging their target account decision-makers at the moment of interest in the buying process.

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The Results: A Changed Conversation: Personal and Effectively Driving Better Results

Validating the Tenets of a Successful ABM Strategy

As Demandbase set out to create a more personalized buying experience and accelerate pipeline revenue, Drift was key in helping them deliver a more modern, innovative approach that enables instant, human, conversation-based interactions that move buyers through the funnel.

With the valuable insight Drift provides, Demandbase was able to ultimately change the conversation, creating a better buying experience, an increase in leads and opportunities, and a method of success in engaging at the exact right time with the exact right message. A proven strategy that works.

The results? Over the last six months, Mimi and the Demandbase team have:

  1. Converted 33% of total conversations to leads
  2. Converted 37% of Drift leads into opportunities
  3. Converted 150% more leads into opportunities than with traditional web forms

In addition to improving conversion, Demandbase has seen added benefit with Drift leveraging conversation intelligence to gather insights into what information visitors are looking for, and optimize the site and messaging to reflect their needs.

If you really want to differentiate yourself and provide personalized experiences your visitors expect and deserve, Drift has helped transform our buyer experience, better align our sales and marketing teams, and provide a new channel to accelerate growth and revenue. ”
— Mimi Rosenheim, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at Demandbase

Demandbase has seen a ton of conversion success since implementing Drift. And they’re not done yet. Their plan is to continue to optimize their use of Chat, experiment with bot-based playbooks for specific use cases, and build out even more playbooks to support other marketing channels including search, advertising, and video calls to action.

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