Using Calendly? Here's What You're Missing Out On

Sharing Your Availability Is As Easy As One Click

You don’t have time to jump through hoops. You have a number to reach and tons of leads to work. So make scheduling a meeting with them as easy as one-click. Click to insert availability. Click send. Unlike Calendly, Drift automatically pulls your availability for you. More meetings, less hoops.

Put A Face To Your Name (And Show Some Personality)

Today’s best sales reps are personal. Make your selling more personal with a friendly customizable profile. It’s your virtual business card. Unlike Calendly, Drift’s Profile is a user-friendly hub for your prospects to start real-time conversations with you, book or reschedule meetings. Be personal. Because people don’t buy from corporations, they buy from people.

Never Lose A Deal Again Because Scheduling A Meeting Was Too Much Work

If you’re using Calendly, you’re making your leads do a lot of work just to schedule a meeting with you. Click a link in an email, pick a date, pick a time, fill out a form with information (“wait, you already have my email!”) With Drift, it’s easy. Your prospects can pick a time that works for them right in the email you sent them. All they need to do is click, and they’re scheduled.

Stop Paying For Five Products To Do One Thing

Your job is to sell. But starting conversations with your leads, scheduling meetings, and communicating with them throughout the buying process requires you to manage five different tools? That’s insane. Don’t do that. Use Drift. With Drift you get meetings, chat, a profile, easy scheduling, sales email and more. One account, one place for all your selling. Don’t manage logistics, manage the sale!

Get Clear Reporting On How Your Meetings Are Going

Who are you meeting with? How many meetings have you booked this week? It shouldn’t be hard to find answers to those questions, but with Calendly, it is. The good news: when you switch to Drift you get the answers you need without exporting any data. See who you’re meeting with, how many meetings you’ve booked and even get a breakdown of upcoming meetings.

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