Brand Assets

Our brand is a reflection of our customers, our team, and everything that we create. Here are some of the things that make up our brand and how you can use them when talking about Drift.


The Drift Logo can be used in color, black, or white.When using the color logo, the Ts are filled in with white. The black and white logos have cut out Ts so that the color behind is seen.

Our logo should only be placed on top of a black, white, grey, or photo background. Always leave plenty of white space around the logo. Please don’t alter the Drift logo in any way. Thanks!

Drift Logo Pack (Download all EPS and PNG versions here)

Full logo: Use the full logo when speaking with an audience that isn’t very familiar with Drift.

Logo mark: You’re welcome to use the logo mark when you’re speaking to an audience that already knows Drift.


Our typeface is Proxima Nova. We use Merriweather as a secondary typeface.

Proxima Nova



Primarily we stick to black, white and grey. When we need some color, we use bright pops of blue and green.

The Drift Brand Book

If you’re looking for more, we’ve got plenty of detail for you to check out.

The Drift Brand Book from Drift

Connect With Us

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